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The consumer market is a challenging space where even the smallest edge can significantly improve a brand’s standing. Decision-makers have the unique challenge of maintaining profit ratios and keeping their customers comfortable through innovative and convenient packages.

Moreover, modern brands also prioritize sustainable practices and focus on reducing the impact packaging materials have on the environment. Only a few items available in the market can claim to be cost-effective, sustainable, and convenient. Carry handle tape is one of them.

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Are you looking for a primary carry handle supplier or need an alternate choice for your business? Making the correct choice is crucial and you can’t help but feel apprehensive about approaching any provider without key information. Davik being the natural choice for most applications – due to its global reach, overall quality, and sustainability – believes that you should know all the players in the market to make an informed choice.

Factors to look for when selecting a carry handle supplier

Whenever you go through the process of selecting a primary or secondary supplier, you must base your decision on the following crucial factors to avoid issues and delays down the line.

1. Customized solutions

It’s impossible to approach any problem with a one-size-fits-all approach. If you are using conventional packaging materials, it is ideal for you to have a supplier that can offer customized solutions to ensure perfect tack and consistent performance. R&D capabilities with whatever concerns adhesives are very important, especially in order to find better and more customized solutions to special or hard for tack materials.

2. Expert guidance and additional services

Another important parameter for selecting a supplier is the additional services you get along with the product. Most brands starting to use the carry handle want some sort of guidance regarding the application from their supplier. If you approach an experienced team that has been in the market for a long time, you’ll be able to use their expertise and avoid some common mistakes that might delay or hinder the deployment of your new package. 

3. Sustainable products and compliance with standards

Modern consumers and governments appreciate brands that follow sustainable practices that reduce the overall burden on the environment. In many countries, manufacturers can enjoy certain privileges and tax-breaks for using eco-friendly materials. Moreover, caring for the environment is also the moral and ethical thing to do even if you are not getting any financial benefits out of it.

The carry handle tape from any supplier comes with some environmental benefits. However, you can go the extra mile and select someone who offers recyclable packaging and uses sustainable production methods to further reduce the overall carbon footprint of their products. 

4. Industrial relationships

Introducing any change in an existing setup requires input from various parties. If you opt for automatic application of the carry handle in your package, you’ll need an excellent applicator as well. An experienced tape supplier can make this job easier and connect you with a suitable manufacturer and help you out with other common challenges. There’s a definite advantage that every company specializes in its best (either adhesives or machinery), while having good relationships with professional companies who can complement the job.

5. Range of other adhesive products 

Availability of other adhesive solutions does not have a direct influence on the carry handle. However, it can be a great indicator of the company’s expertise and knowhow. In some cases, you can create even better packaging solutions by combining the carry handle and other adhesive products that complement it. For example,  bundle roll tape for multipacks.


carry handle tape

Other Major carry handle producers in the market

Over the years, many international producers have designed carry handles for retail and consumer products. Various factors like the available adhesive solutions and the product range determine which supplier is the best fit for your company. The following organizations have the largest share in the market of carry handle tapes. 


Alimac is a famous carry handle supplier based in Italy. The company started its operations in 1990 and has a wide product range for different applications. Alimac has developed its adhesive formula, which they claim can work with most materials.

In addition to making and supplying the carry handle tapes, Alimac distinguishes itself by providing its own automated applicators under one roof. The company claims to have 20+ applicator models for different applications that are capable of handling about 100 packs per minute in a single lane configuration.


Supertape is another popular manufacturer of the carry handle that started working in 1962. The Dutch company specializes in various kinds of tapes and other adhesive products for different applications and uses a one-for-all adhesive formula that can work with most packaging materials. 

The carry handle tapes are not the only product Supertape has. The company has a variety of other products for industrial, packaging, construction, and domestic applications. Some of their products also have food-grade certifications and comply with international standards. 


3M is a well-known conglomerate that operates in several countries and serves numerous industries through its extensive range of products. The company started its operations in 1902 and since then has grown into what it is today. The carry handle tape is among the various products 3M offers to its clients.

Logo Tape

Well-known manufacturer of adhesive tapes, operating mainly in Europe since 1998. They have a few daughter companies in European countries, successfully cooperating with other companies in the industry. Logo tape group can offer a wide range of adhesive tapes, not only carry handle tape. 

Davik Tapes

Davik is a well-known manufacturer of the carry handle tape that operates from Israel. It’s been in operation since 1983 and has global recognition for its unique and sustainable adhesive solutions. Davik specializes in the carry handle applications and is the first company to develop this unique concept for wider applications. Moreover, Davik has an active R&D department that creates a specialized adhesive solution for the needed surface by adjusting the glue properties.

Davik is not only limited to the carry handle tapes. You can find a variety of adhesive solutions that can assist you in achieving your packaging goals easily. Moreover, you can design your own solution with Davik. The expert team accompanies you throughout the process and can create a unique solution according to your requirements and material properties.


There are a few additional companies producing carry handle tape, operating mainly in Western and Eastern Europe: Induplast, Varteck, Boston tapes, Rynag. Each one of them are good companies with certain advantages.

Key takeaways

Procurement managers have an important job,  selecting the most appropriate supplier ensures seamless processes in the later stages. Davik understands that and is committed to helping you through the selection process by identifying potential choices and their offerings. If you want to learn more, check out our articles about the process of adding the carry handle to your existing package or how to select the best automatic applicator for your plant. 


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