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Functionality, innovation, and convenience are what modern customers demand from the hygiene industry. And it all starts from the right packaging!

The hygiene industry is counted among the most competitive sectors out there. There is a consistent demand from the consumers to innovate and find new, better ways of enhancing the functionality, convenience, and sustainability of the products. With so many options in the market, brands have to constantly evolve and offer a better overall package to attract new customers and retain their market share.

Adhesives are probably not the first thing you’ll think of when it comes to the most important element for any hygiene product. However, they play a small, but crucial role in determining the overall functionality. The right adhesives can help your products effectively meet the challenging requirements of the sector. 

Functionality is not the only thing where the right adhesive solutions are important. They also play a crucial role in other important areas, including the overall packaging of your product.  

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How important is the right packaging for the hygiene industry? 

Whether it’s the hygiene sector or any other industry, modern customers now demand sustainability in addition to convenience. They judge the packaging you select on both scales and it impacts the overall outlook of your brand. The right choice can take you to the top, while a wrong decision can lead to a serious problem. 

Furthermore, one of the first things your customers interact with is the packaging of your product. This is very important from a marketing point of view. Apart from the usual standards of convenience, functionality, message, and sustainability. Consumers have other demands from the packaging in the hygiene sector.

For instance, hygiene product packaging needs to protect the contents from unnecessary exposure to the environment and stop any cross-contamination. Similarly, most consumers buy hygiene products in bulk and they demand a better and more convenient way of handling the package instead of awkwardly carrying the pack. 

The aforementioned requirements are only the tip of the iceberg. The journey for any product in the hygiene sector starts right from the first time the consumer sees the package and ends when it is disposed of. The packaging is the first step and must check all the boxes for your customer, otherwise, your product will be gathering dirt in the supermarket aisle. 

Davik understands the packaging requirements of the dynamic hygiene industry and has the perfect solutions to propel you to the top. 

hygiene adhesives

Davik: The ideal partner for the hygiene sector

The packaging requirements of the hygiene sector demand the right blend of convenience and innovation. There are only a handful of products that can fulfill all the dynamic requirements of the industry. Fortunately, you’ll find them all at Davik.

Here’s a wide portfolio of Davik’s offerings that the hygiene sector uses to enhance its packaging. 

Carry handle 

Simple, convenient, and extremely effective. The carry handle checks all the boxes when it comes to being the perfect packaging solution for bulk items in the hygiene industry. 

Consumers generally buy many items like toilet paper, tissue boxes, and baby diapers in larger packs. The carry handle is a versatile add-on that lets them conveniently handle the bulky package without any hassle. 

The demands of modern consumers have extended beyond their own convenience in the last few years. They demand brands to step up and play their part in protecting the environment. This is a global phenomenon, but you’ll observe it more in developed countries. So, depending on where you operate, this either becomes optional or necessary in business terms. 

Environmentally speaking, packaging waste is among the main culprits behind the heaps of plastic waste in landfills and the ocean. Focusing on making it more environmentally friendly is an excellent starting point for your brand on its journey towards sustainability. 

The carry handle allows you to reduce your consumer’s reliance on plastic bags without affecting their convenience. It’s also available in 100% plastic-free material if you want to establish your brand as a completely green alternative.      

Metal detection splicing tape

The hygiene industry anywhere has fierce competition because of the sheer number of players in the market. Profit margins are already quite slim in the FMCG sector and it’s more difficult for the hygiene industry. You can’t simply increase your prices and survive in this cutthroat market. 

That’s why optimizing operations and reducing the overall costs are so important. 

Davik’s metal detection splicing tape is an excellent solution that allows you to do that. The adhesive can stick strongly to nonwoven surfaces while loading the new roll into production and allows your automated machinery to identify and remove the splice automatically, so that the finished product remains free from any defects. 

Finger lift tape

This is another excellent choice for the hygiene industry because most products in the sector need to retain their freshness. Tissue paper, napkins, and other similar items always work better when they are not unnecessarily exposed to the environment.

There is the hygiene aspect as well. People are now more conscious of germs and viruses in the air after the pandemic. Resealable packaging gives them peace of mind that their product is free from any contamination and is safer than other alternatives. 

The resealable finger-lift tape can help you do all that. It comes with a self-adhesive layer that lets you open and seal the package multiple times without fail. Davik’s finger-lift tape is also free from any solvents and does not leave any adhesive residue behind. The product has even food contact approval, if necessary.

Your consumers will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the packaging with Davik’s resealable finger-lift tape.    

Don’t know what’ll work or can’t find the right solution? Davik is happy to help

What makes Davik different from any of its competitors is its experienced team and commitment to innovation. From something general like the aforementioned products to a specialized adhesive solution, Davik can do it all. 

For years, Davik has worked with numerous top-tier brands in every sector, including hygiene, and understands the intricate packaging requirements. Davik knows the dynamic demands of modern customers and offers the right products to help you meet them.  

If you are not sure about the right solution for you or have something specific in mind, contact a Davik packaging expert today. Davik believes in staying with its customers every step of the way and can help bring your vision to life in the most efficient manner. 


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