Maintain freshness and improve your customer’s experience with the resealable finger lift tapes.

A variety of consumer products are designed to last for some time. No one uses a pocket tissue pack in one go – except when there is a huge mess – or finishes an entire pack of cigarettes in one seating. But the question is: How do you maintain the sterility and freshness of a product after opening the package? Now, Davik has the answer.

The resealable finger-lift tape is an innovative product that can be opened or closed numerous times without losing its adhesion. The self-adhesive tape has a separate non-adhesion zone, which allows users to find the beginning of the tape and take it off conveniently.

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Davik also allows you to customize the product according to your requirements. You can vary the length, width, and non-adhesive area of the tape. The adhesive formula works well with all common packaging materials, and Davik can also develop a tailor-made solution because of its experience and capabilities.

Following are some common applications of the resealable finger-lift tape:

  1. Hygiene products / Tissue packs: The resealable tape is an excellent addition to tissue packs and other hygiene products. Your customer will get the mental satisfaction that the product remains sterile.  
  2. Tea, coffee, and other food items: Resealable tapes are an excellent choice for food items. Just take the amount you need from the pack and reseal it to maintain its freshness.
  3. Cigarettes: Tobacco’s taste and feel are directly associated with their freshness. Many cigarette packages now use resealable tapes to ensure a better, long-lasting taste for the customers.  

Benefits of resealable tapes

External packaging is often the first point-of-contact between the customer and a product. So, you must ensure that the packaging is attractive and convenient for the users. Any business using Davik’s resealable finger-lift tape can enjoy numerous advantages over its competitors. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Customer’s satisfaction through multi-time resealing
  • Finger lift allows convenient opening and closing of the tape
  • Highly flexible use for tissues, food packages, cigarettes, etc
  • Hygienic and toxin-free
  • No damage to the packaging

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Why is Davik’s resealable finger-lift tape different from other options?

There are numerous resealable tapes available, but a few qualities make Davik the most unique finger-lift tape manufacturer in the market. Other resealable tapes come with a lot of issues that negatively affect your customer’s experience.

For instance, many consumers have a hard time finding the beginning of an applied tape. Even if they find it, the adhesion is so strong that users have to scratch the tape multiple times. The adhesive force can either be too weak or too strong. Weak adhesives can leave your pack unsealed after the first use, and strong adhesion leaves a residue.

Finding the perfect balance is crucial for ensuring the best consumer experience. Davik, being a top-tier finger-lift tape manufacturer, can resolve all common issues.

The resealable tape by Davik has a non-adhesive end which can be used to pull the tape easily. Similarly, Davik uses a top-of-the-line water-based adhesive formula in its resealable finger lift tapes, which remain as good as new even after multiple uses. In addition to having excellent adhesive properties, Davik’s resealable tape is also UV-resistant and does not damage the pack, which is a testament to its excellent quality.

Davik acrylic water based plant is certified for food contact by ISO22000. It enables the usage of the tape in multiple variations, including food and other packages requiring food contact certification.

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Davik is a responsible manufacturer and makes sure all of its products are made through sustainable processes. The resealable finger lift tapes use  water-based adhesive formula and do not use any toxins. This quality makes Davik tapes safer than any other competing product in the market.    

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