This sector requires high quality product with high adhesion. The products for this sector include:

  1. Aluminum tapes – can be used for isolation, repairs and Closing flexible or rigid heating ducts. The tapes can be one or double side coated.
  2. Masking tape – are used to cover areas and remove without damaging the surface. We have several products in this line including the UV resistant masking tape.
  3. Heavy duty closing tapes – thick and high adhesion tapes that can be used to hold items on different surfaces.
  4. Double sided tapes – can be used for different applications.
  5. Non-residue tapes – can be used to cover and protect different surfaces and then to be removed with no residue.
  6. UV resistance tape – can be used in any place where the material is outside for a long period of time.
  7. UNDO – White board sticker, which you can easily cut (with no need of scissors) according to your needs and put whenever is needed, on any wall, without damaging it.
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