Recycable carry handle tape

PE carry Handle Tape – Recyclable with Shrink


Davik has decided to continue our commitment for saving the environment and to contribute to Circular Economy. We are proud to present our new and additional version to the Carry Handle product line.

PE Carry Handle Tape

The new Carry Handle tape is made from PE film coated with the special adhesive formula with all the known advantages of the Carry Handle tape plus:

  • Can be fully recycled along with PE shrink, the shrink and the handle are made from the same PE material!
  • PE grab insert is also used and can be fully recycled with the whole pack
  • Thinner film allows to save tons of plastic and to reduce recyclable cost.
  • Suitable for any packages up to 9KG.

The new product can be applied automatically with the same applicators or manually.


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PE carry Handle Tape – Recyclable with Shrink

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