Cary Handle Tape for Barilla

GreenCarry | Paper Based Plastic-Free Carry Handle Tape

New innovative solution for plastic free secondary packaging!

The 1st paper-based carry handle tape in the world!

Key Features:

Carry handle tape made of paper-based carrier.

  • No plastic or fibers for strengthening.
  • Unusual strength for a product of 100% paper!!
  • Same product capabilities as the classic carry handle tape – for packs up to 12kg.
  • Applicable by any automatic handle applicator (with minimal adjustments).
  • Can be easily printed with logo/ advertising message.
  • Dimensions – width/ length – can be fully customized.

Can be used together with paper-based bundle roll for creating perfect environmentally friendly pack.

The product can also be supplied as a detachable option for manual application.

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GreenCarry | Paper Based Plastic-Free Carry Handle Tape

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