The DAVIK Industries ethical code reflects the values, morals, integrity and responsibility according to which all company’s employees behave.

The Code of Ethics presents the principles on which our relationships with owners, employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, competitors, the community, the environment and government authorities are based.



The code of ethics applies to all employees in DAVIK Industries, including officers, and managers. The code of ethics describes the company’s policy regarding business conduct and the principles that guide the activities of the company’s employees.

DAVIK Industries considers itself committed to fair, value-based and proper business conduct. Each of the company’s employees play an important role in maintaining a high level of compliance with the law and the ethical code. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote a culture of honesty, trustworthiness, respect for the law and the people with whom the company works.

DAVIK Industries expects every employee to adhere to the high standards of ethical conduct, exercise judgment and help maintain proper procedures and business management of the organization in accordance with the law and high moral standards.

Managers and employees will be sensitive to any sign of illegal or inappropriate behavior.

All managers and employees are expected to meet the standards set forth in this Code.


Integrity and Honesty in Record Management

As a company, we are committed to meeting the high standards dictated by the authorities in Israel and abroad, including everything related to the management of our records and the reports we provide.

All of the Company’s financial statements and other documents are required to accurately reflect the Company’s assets, liabilities, income and expenses.

DAVIK Industries has zero tolerance to include any false, artificial, misleading or fraudulent data.

All managers and employees are obligated to assist in maintaining the fairness of the company’s reports.


DAVIK’s commitment to employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, environment and quality.

All entities with whom DAVIK Industries has business relationship, should be treated fairly. The company attributes principal importance on maintaining, encouraging and cultivating a normal working relationship with the company’s employees. The working relationship between the employees is based on professional collaboration in a way that will contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals. As part of this cooperation, all employees of DAVIK Industries company  must  behave in an honest,  fair and  professional  manner towards their colleagues in the company, including:

Employees Respect – DAVIK company decisions on personnel issues will be based on the company’s business reasons, such as job performance, individual skills and capabilities, and other factors related to business. The company’s policy requires compliance with all state laws regarding personnel matters. DAVIK Industries Company’s policy prohibits discrimination in all matters relating to the employment of employees, on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, personal status, origin or nationality, disability or age, in accordance to the relevant laws.


Abusive or Disturbing Conduct – DAVIK Industries Company policy prohibits abusive or harassing behavior from the managers and employees towards others, such as, comments based on ethnic, sexual, religious or racial traits, or any other non-professional behavior or remark that causes others discomfort in their work. Any kind of threat, violence or intimidation, is forbidden.

The company’s policy is to provide its employees, of both sexes, with a pleasant and protective work environment, free from sexual or any harassment, to prevent abuse of authority and to promote gender equality in the workplace. DAVIK Industries encourages employees to report harassment or any inappropriate behavior, as soon as it occurs. Sexual harassment is a violation of a person’s dignity and privacy and stands in contrary to company policy. Sexual harassment is a criminal offense and even in the case of suspicion of sexual harassment, an employee must report to the company official for prevention of sexual harassment in the company.


Health and safety – Managers and employees must assist DAVIK Industries in maintaining a healthy, hygienic and safe work environment, and immediately report hazardous conditions or substances, injuries and accidents related to the company’s business. The company is committed to adhering to safety laws and procedures, including fire protection and procedures that promote cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace.


Environmental protection – DAVIK Industries is committed to fully comply with the requirements of all relevant laws relating to environmental protection.


Customers and suppliers – We consider our suppliers and customers business partners and are committed to treating them fairly and respectfully. The company’s policy is to build long-term relationships with customers and suppliers by providing the highest level of service, and honesty in sales and marketing.

DAVIK Industries is committed to abiding by the agreements we share and take care to ensure that our suppliers conduct their business in accordance with proper ethical principles. We work decisively and responsibly to achieve the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves in terms of sales, procurement and production costs.


Competitors – We work resolutely to be the leading company in our field and to meet the challenges we set for ourselves, while maintaining fair competition rules.


Quality and Excellence – We believe that our competitive advantage rely on the quality of our products. The reputation and business development of DAVIK Industries depends on the continued maintenance and improvements of the product quality provided by the company.


Adherence to the law and conflict of interest’s prevention:

The code of ethics does not replace the law, rules and regulations that apply to the company and / or any of its employees. Adherence to the law is an integral part of the Code of Ethics. It is prohibited to violate, on behalf of the company, any legislative provisions or professional and ethical rules applicable to the company. In any case of conflict between the provisions of the law and the Code of Ethics, the provisions of the law shall prevail.


Conflict of interests prevention – It is prohibited for employees of DAVIK Industries company to engage in any activity that may create a conflict of interests or even an impression of a conflict of interest between the company’s affairs and their personal interests. DAVIK Industries is careful to avoid a ‘semblance of conflict of interests’, recognizing that even a semblance of a conflict of interest in itself can adversely affect the company and its relationships with its customers, suppliers and employees.


DAVIK INDUSTRIES Chief Executive Officer:   Javier Gojman

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