Security Temper Evident Tape

Security and tamper-evident tape is an important issue in many industries, especially those that deal with sensitive information or valuable goods. Tamper-evident tape can provide a visual indication of any unauthorized attempt to open or tamper with a package, thereby alerting the recipient that the package may have been compromised.

This unique tape will provide clear evidence of any unauthorized attempt to open the packaging.

The tape is suitable for sealing cardboard boxes, plastic bags, envelopes, surface marking, and more.

Temper-evident tape can be used in different industries. Some examples: in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the safety and authenticity of medication, or in the transportation industry to prevent theft and damage to packages during transit.

When an attempted breach occurs, hidden text such as “OPENED VOID” will be revealed. The text does not disappear upon resealing, and the message “OPENED VOID” is visible from a distance.

Davik can tailor the product to meet specific needs of any industry. 

  • The hidden message can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.
  • The tape can also be obtained with visible external text such as a logo.
  • The tape is available in different colors.
  • The tape can be obtained with a separation layer and used as a sticker.
  • The tape can be obtained with a unique identifier at fixed intervals (running number).

Customized rolls can be ordered according to demand and quantity.

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Security Temper Evident Tape

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