Special Heavy Duty Carry Handle Tape

Introducing the Davik Heavy Duty Carry Handle Tape, the ultimate solution for your heavy lifting needs!

This groundbreaking addition to our range of carry handle solutions is meticulously engineered to support weights of up to 75 kg, ensuring your bulky and heavy items are securely held and effortlessly transported.

Davik presents two versatile variations of this handle tape, customized to the unique size, weight, and material of your packages.

Each handle tape is pre-laminated with premium foam or flexible options, available in sleek transparent, classic white, or eye-catching printed designs, ensuring both strength and style.

Choose the application method that suits your operation: spools for seamless automatic application or convenient pancake rolls for manual use, including an innovative detachable option.

Our handle tape is fully customizable, with measurements precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of your packages or products. Like all Davik carry handle tapes, this product guarantees unparalleled reliability and performance.

With Davik Industries, you’re never alone. We provide initial samples, semi-commercial quantities, and comprehensive technical support to back you up every step of the way.

Discover the future of heavy-duty transport solutions with Davik’s Heavy Duty Carry Handle Tape.

Your load has never been lighter.

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Special Heavy Duty Carry Handle Tape

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