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One of the frustrating situations is one where packaging of any product is opened and then a great deal of difficulty is created in re-closing the packaging. This is relevant to various products, from food products where packaging retains product freshness, to hygiene products where their sterility is of utmost importance throughout their use.

The solution to this problem is a Resealable Finger Lift tape, which can be opened and reclosed multiple times.

What is the Resealable Finger Lift tape? What are the benefits of this unique product? Who produces the product and where can it be obtained?

Multi-time resealing

The benefits of multi-time resealing have been known and recognized for many years. However, the costs of producing such a wrapper or box, which allows opening and reuse, are very high and have a significant impact on product costs.

Conversely, product packaging in disposable packaging that does not allow re-opening can significantly impair the quality of the product (especially a consumable product whose lack of adequate protection can impair its quality).

To illustrate – sausages sold in a supermarket layout are packed in a way that requires buyers to use the product very close to the moment of purchase.

The solution is, as mentioned, packing sealed with a resealable finger lift tape, which solves the problem and extends the product shelf life!

Resealable Finger Lift also protects well the hygiene of the tissue in small tissue packs – no dust, no touch with any other substrates – tissue remains clean and safe for usage.

The Benefits of the Resealable Finger Lift

The great advantage of this revolutionary product lies in its simplicity and ability to make any packaging friendly and maintains product quality over time. Meat and fish products, as well as various finished products, can be preserved for a very long life, greatly reducing the effect of throwing food or hygiene products only because of the lack of packaging sealant, which has impaired their quality.

In addition to that, Davik Resealable finger lift – is absolutely toxic free, since the adhesive used is water-based and therefore the usage is even much safer, than of any other competitor in the market!


Davik company, high-quality adhesive solutions, manufactures and markets this unique product.

Contact us now and take part in the great packaging revolution.


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