Adhesive Carry Handles for Bulk Packaging

In the world of bulk packaging, efficiency and functionality are key. One simple yet transformative innovation that’s making a big impact is the use of package handles. These handles have revolutionized how products are transported and handled, benefiting manufacturers, retailers, but ultimately – they totally benefit the final consumer. Let’s delve into how adhesive carry handles enhance packaging efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall functionality of carrying heavy or multiple items.

Enhancing Packaging Efficiency

Adhesive carry handles, designed to attach easily to packaging, provide a simple way to carry heavy or bulky items. This innovation significantly boosts packaging efficiency.

First off, these handles streamline the packaging process. Traditional methods often involve additional materials like plastic or cardboard handles that need to be attached manually. In contrast, adhesive handles can be quickly applied using automated machinery, cutting down on labor costs and speeding up the packaging process. This is especially beneficial in high-volume production environments where every second counts.

Moreover, these handles improve storage and transportation efficiency. By providing a convenient way to carry multiple items, they reduce the need for extra packaging materials and space. This not only cuts transportation costs but also minimizes the environmental impact, aligning with sustainable business practices.

Reducing Costs

In addition to enhancing efficiency, adhesive handles help significantly cut costs. One of the main ways they do this is by reducing the need for extra packaging materials. Traditional handles made from plastic or cardboard can be expensive and add extra production steps. Adhesive handles eliminate the need for these materials, leading to direct cost savings.

For shrink wrapped products – the manufacturer can save on the thickness of the shrink, thus using less material (while adding adhesive carry handles). In some packages – the shrink or the cardboard can be even eliminated.

The durability and reliability of adhesive handles also mean fewer packaging failures. Broken handles can lead to product damage and increased returns, which can be costly. These handles are designed to securely hold heavy or bulky items, reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring that products arrive at their destination intact.

Additionally, adhesive handles can be customized to fit specific packaging needs, optimizing costs further. They can be made from different types of adhesive materials, allowing businesses to choose the most cost-effective option for their packaging requirements. This customization ensures that companies are not overspending on materials that exceed their needs.

Improving Functionality

The main purpose of adhesive handles is to make packaging more functional, making it easier for consumers to carry heavy or multiple items. This improved functionality has several advantages.

One significant benefit is enhanced customer convenience. Adhesive handles allow consumers to easily carry large or awkwardly shaped packages, improving the overall shopping experience. This convenience can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as consumers are more likely to return to brands that prioritize ease of use and practicality in their packaging.

Additionally, these handles improve safety. Carrying heavy or bulky items without proper support can lead to accidents and injuries. Adhesive handles provide a secure grip, reducing the risk of dropping or mishandling packages. This safety feature is especially important for products that are frequently transported or handled by consumers, like large grocery items or bulk office supplies.

Adhesive Options and Suitability

Davik adhesive handles come in various types of adhesives, each suitable for different packaging materials and products. Choosing the right adhesive is crucial to ensure the handle’s effectiveness and durability.

At Davik there are a few formulations of adhesives, suitable for different types of application. The compatibility of the glue with the pack on which it is applied – is the most important factor that needs to be taken into account.


Adhesive carry handles have become an essential tool in bulk packaging, offering enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and improved functionality. By streamlining the packaging process, reducing the need for additional materials, and providing a convenient way to carry heavy or multiple items, these handles contribute to more efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions.

With various adhesive options available and different film materials that can be used, adhesive carry handles can be tailored to meet specific packaging needs, further optimizing their performance and cost-effectiveness. As businesses continue to seek innovative ways to improve their packaging processes, tape carry handles will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of bulk packaging.

For more information on adhesive carry handles and to explore the available options, visit the Davik Tapes website.

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