As far as hygiene industry products are concerned, there is no parameter more important to customer satisfaction than long – lasting product freshness. This is particularly true of tissue packs – after all no one likes to feel he is cleaning his nose with a dusty or contaminated material. Fortunately, our resealable finger lifts precisely ensure the tight closure necessary to maintain our most intimate accessories in a state we want to use them.

But of course, an attractive external appearance is also of paramount importance in securing customer interest and loyalty. Fortunately, Davik’s color printing and adhesive cover division is extraordinarily accurate, forming two parts of the same tape. As far as the small tissue pack user is concerned it is all part and parcel of the single integrated packaging.

But it’s about more than user satisfaction – Davik’s  Resealable Finger Lift actually speeds up the production line, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for the manufacturer as well.

Finally, the end – product can be fully customized to match the needs and desires of your customers. Our R&D team stands ready to assist you in producing a design which will maximize the attractiveness of the product for your customers.

Davik company, high-quality adhesive solutions, manufactures and markets this unique product.

Moreover, if you have an idea to improve the product even more – talk to us!


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