The Benefits of Carry Handle Tapes for Bulk Products

In the world of bulk product packaging, innovation and efficiency are key. One of the most significant advancements in this area is the introduction of carry handle tapes.

These tapes offer a myriad of benefits, transforming how products are packaged, transported, and perceived by consumers. From enhancing convenience to reducing packaging waste, carry handle tapes are a game-changer for big factories and wholesalers.

The Convenience Factor

Carry handle tapes are designed to make carrying bulk products easier and more convenient for consumers. Whether it’s a six-pack of bottles, a large box of food products, or any other bulk item, these tapes provide a sturdy and comfortable handle that simplifies transportation.

This added convenience can significantly enhance the customer experience, making products more appealing and user-friendly.

Types of Carry Handle Tapes

There are various types of carry handle tapes available, each catering to different packaging needs:

  1. Standard Carry Handle Tape: This type is ideal for a wide range of products, offering a reliable and strong handle for easy carrying. This tape is for automatic application, manufactured either in spools or in pancakes, using either MOPP or PET film and with a glue suitable for application. Such tape carry handles can be produced either in neutral spools without any insert, or already laminated with the needed insert.
  2. Paper-Based Carry Handle Tape: For businesses looking to adopt eco-friendly practices, paper-based carry handle tapes are an excellent choice. They are made from paper, plastic free, with no fibers added aligning with sustainability goals without compromising on strength or durability. This type is perfect for carton or paper wrapped packs or aluminum cans.
  3. RPET Carry Handle Tape: Made from recycled PET material, RPET carry handle tapes are another eco-friendly option. They provide a robust handle while contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. These are perfect for application on rPET bottles or other packages.
  4. PE Carry Handle Tape: Made from a recyclable PE film. It is also a more sustainable option, promoting circular economy goals. PE Carry Handle Tape is perfect for usage on PE shrink, so that the whole pack could be recycled together.
  5. Manual Carry Handles: This type of handles can be manufactured from any film mentioned before, but this is for manual usages. It comes on small rolls with perforation between each handle. Each Detachable carry handle can be easily torn from the roll and sticked to a needed pack.

One more Carry Handle Type was just recently added to our portfolio: Heavy duty handles! These handles may sustain a heavy weight of up to 70-80kg. This is a special recent development by the highly sophisticated Davik development team!

Reducing Packaging Waste

One of the significant advantages of carry handle tapes is their potential to reduce packaging waste. Traditional packaging often involves excessive materials to ensure products are easy to carry. With carry handle tapes, there’s no need for additional packaging components like plastic bags or bulky boxes with built-in handles.

This reduction in materials not only cuts costs but also lessens the enviroental impact of packaging.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The convenience and ease of use provided by carry handle tapes can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Consumers appreciate packaging that makes their lives easier, and products that are easier to carry are more likely to be favored over those that are cumbersome. This enhanced customer experience can lead to increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Versatility and Customization

Carry handle tapes are highly versatile and can be customized to suit various packaging requirements. They come in different lengths, strengths, and adhesive carry handles types, making them suitable for a wide range of products.

This customization ensures that businesses can find the perfect carry handle tape for their specific needs, whether they’re packaging beverages, food items, or household goods.

Case Study: Success in the Beverage Industry

A notable example of the successful implementation of carry handle tapes is in the beverage industry. Many companies have adopted these tapes for their multi-pack beverage products, such as six-pack bottles or cartons.

The result has been a significant improvement in the ease of carrying these products, leading to positive feedback from consumers and an increase in sales.

The same is adapted in the food industry for multipacking a few packs of cream or cereals, for dog food packs, and even for shoe cartons!


Carry handle tapes are an innovative solution that offers numerous benefits for bulk product packaging. From enhancing convenience and reducing packaging waste to improving customer satisfaction and offering versatile customization options, these tapes are transforming the packaging industry.

For big factories and wholesalers, adopting carry handle tapes can lead to cost savings, a better customer experience, and a positive environmental impact. As the demand for efficient and eco-friendly packaging continues to grow, carry handle tapes are set to become an essential component of modern packaging strategies.

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