Elevate Your Production Line Efficiency with Davik's Pre-Laminated Carry Handles!

Are you tired of production line hiccups and unnecessary stops during carry handle application when using neutral spools with laminate applied on line? Davik has the ultimate solution for you!

The Game-Changing Transition

Mey Eden, an Israeli company that specializes in bottling and distributing natural mineral water , recently made the transition from using neutral spools with laminate applied on line to Davik’s Pre-Laminated Carry Handles.

The result? A significant efficacy boost! The company’s customers have reported a remarkable 20% improvement in efficiency and reduced costs. Mey Eden’s success story is a testament to the transformative impact of adopting Davik’s Pre-Laminated Carry Handles in the production process.

Advantages of Pre-Laminated Spools

While both options are available, we want to emphasize the remarkable advantages of switching to our Pre-Laminated Spools – the optimal choice for achieving top-tier efficiency in carry handle application.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The pre-laminated nature of Davik’s carry handles eliminates the need for on-line lamination, streamlining the application process and reducing downtime.
  • Cost Savings: By minimizing production line hiccups and unnecessary stops, businesses can experience significant cost savings in the long run.
  • Quality Assurance: The pre-lamination ensures consistent quality and adherence to industry standards, contributing to a reliable and professional end product.

Customer Testimonial: Mey Eden Success Story

Mey Eden’s experience serves as a compelling case study for the impact of Davik’s Pre-Laminated Carry Handles. By embracing this innovative solution, Mei’s production line saw a remarkable 20% improvement in efficiency, translating to tangible cost savings and heightened operational smoothness. The transition to pre-laminated spools not only elevated the production process but also bolstered customer satisfaction through timely and consistent delivery.


Don’t miss out on this game-changing upgrade for your production line. Choose Davik’s Pre-Laminated Carry Handles and enjoy smoother operations today! The success achieved by Mey Eden and numerous other satisfied customers underscores the transformative power of Davik’s innovative solution.

Elevate your production line efficiency with Davik’s Pre-Laminated Carry Handles and experience the difference firsthand.


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