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Retail is a dynamic industry and companies need to change their promotions and bundles according to the market’s situation and demand. Celebrations like the Holidays, New-years, Halloween, and many others come with unique opportunities for brands to connect with the consumers and attract them towards their product. That’s why you always see retail stores and brands running special sales in different situations.

In many promotional bundles, organizations create multipacks of different products that are often bought together. Some brands even collaborate with others on special occasions. For instance, you might have seen a bundle of Turkey and stuffing mix in your local supermarket during the holidays.

During the year, there can be a lot of reasons for creating a bundle of two or more packs: 

  1. promotional price for a multipack, instead of selling only an individual pack. These tactics usually also substantially effect sales.
  2. introducing the market with a new taste, while selling the new one in a bundle with already known taste, offering a promotional price and this way simplifying the choice for a consumer.

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In such cases, it is important to come up with a packaging solution that can create attractive bundles without needing a lot of changes in the process. The profit margins in the consumer market are quite low and most brands can’t sustain any additional packaging costs. For this reason, there is a demand in the market for innovative and cost-effective solutions, for creating bundles and multipacks, that can be immediately deployed and removed at a later stage. 

That’s where Davik’s Bundle Roll Tape comes into the picture. It is among the few products available in the market that address all the aforementioned issues. It even has the capability to integrate with other Davik products like the carry handle tape. The following are some of the characteristics that make the Bundle Roll tape a perfect choice for your brand’s multipack.

1 – Perfect for consumer products

Consumer packaging demands a lot of considerations. You need to make sure your chosen package is easier to handle, is attractive enough to draw customers, and is versatile enough for different applications. The Davik Bundle Roll tape is a perfect choice for consumer items as its adhesive solution can firmly hold all kinds of common packaging materials like shrink wrap and cartons. 

Another excellent feature of the Davik Bundle Roll tape is its excellent compatibility. The tape is compatible with all kinds of existing machinery being used in the industry today. This means that you don’t have to worry about changing the existing setup or introducing a new component in your production line. Davik’s tape can easily and immediately become a part of your product. 


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2 – Removable and environment-friendly

A distinguishing quality of the Bundle Roll tape is that its adhesive formula allows the tape to be easily removed without damaging the original packing. It doesn’t even affect the labels or graphics on the pack and leaves no trace of the adhesive formula. This quality allows you to simply remove the multipack once a specific promotion is over and sell it separately.

In many applications, using the Bundle Roll tape can reduce the use of plastics in packaging. It can replace shrink wrap used for beverages or cartons used for some other items. Not only that, Davik offers an innovative paper-based bundle tape that firmly sticks to carton packs and can be recycled together with them.

3 – Customizable for marketing and promotions

As stated above, the packaging is an important marketing tool that directly impacts how a particular product performs in the consumer market. You can have the best quality product, but you’ll struggle to sell if it comes in an unappealing package. People might think that using tape would leave little room for promotional packaging, or any other marketing message. However, that’s not the case with Davik’s Bundle Tape, which can be custom-printed with your logo or any other unique message.  

4 – Simpler and convenient handling of multipacks 

One concerning thing that happens with multi-packs is their awkward shape. In some cases they become too inconvenient to handle. Davik’s Bundle tape addresses this issue by integrating with the carry handle, which enhances the overall convenience. 


Create Convenient and Safe Multi-packs with Davik’s Low Tack Tapes

Davik offers a variety of innovative adhesive solutions that cover all the aforementioned points and help you achieve the perfect package for your consumers. For multipacks, Davik has designed the Bundle Roll tape. It is specially designed for consumer packages and can even combine with other Davik products to ensure the perfect experience for your customers. 

Davik focuses on ensuring the best experience for its customers at every step of the journey. Starting from their inquiry about the products to the delivery, you’ll have access to Davik’s dedicated team of industry experts with more than 20 years of global experience. Check out the innovative range of Davik’s adhesive solutions on a roll. 


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