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How Davik’s Carry Handle Tape Becomes a Part of your Product Package

In its essence, the carry handle tape is a simple and versatile product that is suitable for multiple applications and requires no additional investment to implement. It has numerous advantages for different brands. From giving you marketing freedom to keeping your customers comfortable, the simple add-on can have a significant impact on your product’s performance.

We have extensively covered the various benefits of using the carry handle tapes in the previous posts. In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of making the carry handle tape a part of your package.  


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From Concept to Shelves: The process of adding Davik’s carry handle tape to a product

The entire process can be divided into three distinct phases. In each phase, Davik’s experts closely work with you and only proceed after approval.

Stage 1: Pre-production

The first phase starts when you become interested in using the carry handle in your product and contact Davik. After the initial inquiries, you’ll be asked to fill a form to start the process. At this stage, you don’t need to have all the details as we aim to get a general idea of what you need.

The form will ask you for some basic information about your product. You’ll be required to answer questions about your product’s size, volume, existing handle, and the overall weight. You’ll also be asked to describe the packaging material you are currently using along with the temperature and humidity conditions of your production environment. The application of the carry handle can either be manual or automatic. In the initial questionnaire, you’ll be asked to choose one and to indicate the expected yearly quantity as well.

After filling the details, you’ll need to send us some samples of your package for testing. Davik requires at least 10 SQM of unused packaging material to conduct all necessary tests at their testing facility. Through physically testing the shear and adhesion of your material, the technical details for your solution are determined and sent to you along with a quote.

After approving the quote, you’ll receive some rolls as a sample. This is the final task of the initial stage. Once you’ve carried out all the tests on your end and are satisfied with the product, you’ll need to place the final order with Davik to start the production of your carry handle tapes, specially designed for your pack.

The timeline for this stage heavily relies on the courier. You’ll also need some time to check the sample you receive before approval. Davik will only need a maximum of 3-4 days to conduct the initial tests while the samples’ preparation can take about 2 weeks.

Stage 2: Production

The second phase starts as soon as you place the final order. In the order form, you’ll be asked to list out the complete details of the requirements. You’ll need to specify the graphics you want along with the packaging and shipping details. Davik team can assist you with the design. The final design of your carry handle, according to your instructions will be sent to you by email within 3 days and you’ll also receive a physical sample of the graphics design through courier within two weeks.

After having your signed approval of the design, all you’ll need to do is sit back and relax. Davik will immediately start the process of printing and production. 

Actual production starts after receiving the printed labels from the printing contractors. This can take up to 4 weeks. Davik has multiple checks to ensure that the prepared spools are exactly according to the technical datasheet. Davik ensures the quality of the products, under all required ISO standards. The entire production process can also take several weeks. 

In general, it can take Davik anywhere from 4-8 weeks after approval to prepare the order. Several factors may affect the timeline.

Stage 3: Delivery and application

This is the final stage of the carry handle tape’s journey. The pre-laminated spools are packed and shipped by Davik to your plant. The delivery time is dependent upon the type of delivery service type you selected along with the destination of the package. 

Once you receive the package, you’ll be ready to integrate the carry handle tape in your packaging line. For manual application, this product does not need any special arrangements or investment to set up. All you’ll need is an extra step at the end of the process to attach the carry handle tapes. For automatic application, there’s a need in installing a handle applicator on your site to complement the packaging line you currently use.  Whatever path you chose – now your product is ready to hit the shelves.

Final thoughts

Adding a unique solution like the carry handle tape to your product is easier than you probably thought. Carry handle tape addition will significantly upgrade your product and you will be the first to benefit from this change. 

Davik has a dedicated team of experts to help you go through the process and help you achieve the product goals you’ve set for yourself. Contact a Davik expert today to get started!


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