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The market of consumer goods is intense and most manufacturers compete over the smallest profit margins. A slight edge over competitors can give you a significant boost in terms of sales and customer retention. 

There are many product goals that industries focus on. For the sake of this article, we’ll only discuss the following. 

  • Reducing the overall packaging cost
  • Addressing the growing demand for eco-friendly practices
  • Making the package convenient for the consumers
  • Identifying and acting on innovative marketing opportunities

The adhesive carry handle by Davik is a unique and revolutionary product that caters to all the aforementioned product goals. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the benefits of the carry handle tape by Davik and how it can help advance your brand to the next level. 


Why Consider the Adhesive Carry Handle for your Product?

The adhesive carry handle is a versatile, simple, and effective solution that can boost your sales and make your product stand-out in any aisle. In simple terms, the carry handle is a unique product that checks multiple boxes when it comes to usefulness. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the qualities of Davik’s carry handle that help you fulfil all product goals discussed in the previous section.


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When it comes to product packaging, the carry handle eliminates the need for an elaborate package for any product. The handle has adhesive “legs” on both ends which can stick to many surfaces and is quite hard to tear off. Relying on this product by Davik means that you can save on added packaging materials for the initial wrap, which will ultimately reduce the overall packaging costs. 


Environment Friendly

Building on the previous quality, carry handles can also place your brand among those who care for the environment. It reduces the overall packaging material needed and makes plastic bags unnecessary. Modern customers appreciate brands with eco-friendly practices and you can appeal to them with the carry handle. Moreover, packaging material and plastics are a huge ecological challenge for every country. A significant percentage of plastics end up in a landfill or is dumped in the ocean, which can have severe consequences.


Customer Convenience

Another unique benefit of the carry handle by Davik is the convenience it offers the customer. The adhesive tape can sustain a lot of weight and makes it easier for the customers to carry bulky packages. It is especially useful for those who prefer to buy their essential groceries in bulk. Generally, add-ons focusing on consumer’s convenience are either expensive to set up or have other drawbacks. This unique product does not need you to make such compromises as it is both cheap and has no known drawbacks.

The Adhesive Carry Handle is Great For Marketing

promotional packagingAnother useful, but often overlooked benefit of the carry handle by Davik is for the marketing department. The handle gives you a much-needed extra space to put up a promotion or a memorable slogan. In departmental stores, similar products are usually kept together and it gets hard for brands to get noticed. The carry handle tape allows you to position yourself as a unique option. You also have the freedom to come up with promotions and discounts by combining products that compliment each other. This would increase your sales and might even increase your brand loyalty.  


Versatile Enough To Fit Your Existing Setup

One of the most incredible aspects of Davik’s carry handle is its versatility.

It can work with any industry or product and doesn’t require you to make changes to your existing setup. Depending on your application, you can apply the adhesive carry handle manually or automatically. The manual application allows you to start using the product immediately and test the response of the add-on before purchasing an automatic setup.


Suitable For A Variety of Materials

When it comes to adhesives, the surface it is being applied to – plays a major role. Our adhesive carry handles are suitable for all common packaging materials like shrink wraps, PET, and standard cartons. Davik will use the technical details of your current packaging material and use the most suitable adhesive to ensure the best results. 

For the carry handle grab insert itself, you are free to choose between various options. You can use as a laminate regular paper, foam, non-woven fabric, or any other material for your carry handle. With Davik’s innovative capabilities, the possibilities are endless!


Irrespective of the industry, all products go through an intricate process before reaching the shelves. Companies spend a lot of time and resources on optimising and improving their value chain to gain the slightest edge over their competitors. With the carry handle, you can get the best results without spending huge capital on changing the existing packaging process. Davik has a dedicated team of experts that helps brands from conceptualisation to the actual application of the carry handle in their products. Contact a Davik expert now to get started.


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