Advanced Adhesive Solutions

From agriculture to the retail sector, advanced adhesive solutions have a role to play in all industries. Today, many businesses rely on adhesives to enhance their consumer experience or reduce their environmental footprint. If you are looking for a reliable adhesive partner for your business then there is no better choice than Davik.

Not only can Davik address your needs through a plethora of various products, but it also offers customizable solutions that are uniquely designed to address your needs. Davik’s a premium adhesive solution provider which is recognized globally for its innovation, in-house R&D, and unparalleled expertise.

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What makes Davik different? 

For any business, selecting a primary supplier of adhesive solutions is a crucial step with far-reaching effects. You don’t want a complacent and reactive supplier who offers you solutions only after they become the industrial norm. 

Since its inception, Davik has been focused on doing things differently and solving your problems through focusing on R&D. Strong R&D has been a backbone of Davik as it has allowed the business to innovate and produce remarkable results. 

Davik was one of the first suppliers to introduce the carry handle tapes globally more than 20 years ago, which are commonly used now for packaging items in various industries, and for the last year Davik is the first to come with sustainable carry handle solutions, like paper-based option Similarly, Davik’s R&D department has been able to deliver unparalleled services and advanced adhesive solutions because of its expertise and decades of experience, for various industries and for various usages.

Guy Wind, Davik’s R&D Director, perfectly explains how R&D helps Davik’s customers find the best solutions: 

“If you need an adhesion solution related to adhesive tape, we are what you are looking for. Our development team is experienced in unique solutions for customers and bringing an original product that will meet their requirements.”

advanced adhesive solutions

The 6 steps to success: How Davik’s R&D team finds the best solutions

Davik’s intuitive operations are deeply connected to its tradition of offering a customer-centric approach. By utilizing their in-house R&D team, Davik can craft several new and unique adhesive solutions for their customers that are effective, economical, and sustainable. 

Davik R&D process strictly follows 6 simple but essential steps to create a customizable solution for you. 

1 – Recognizing what the customer needs

By focusing on your demands only, Davik can either minimize or eliminate the usual risks associated with advanced adhesive solutions. Customer demand is dissected to determine what exactly they need, what is the application, how and why the product is intended to be used, special requirements for tape performance and more.

2 – Exploring the possible solutions

Davik’s R&D setup is one of the main factors behind its success. The in-house team consists of several experts from different fields. This includes chemists, engineers and product developers who analyze what you need and determine the most appropriate solutions.

3 – Evaluating the options

Each possible option is evaluated through multiple tests to ensure that it meets your expectations. This reliability and continuous quality checks have allowed Davik to guarantee customer satisfaction and maintain its competitive edge since the beginning. 

4 – Running the sample

Davik believes that without incorporating how a developed product reacts in real life, the solution offered is incomplete. It’s why the customer is given a sample to run in the practical situation to determine whether the product fits the established requirements.

5 – Receiving customer feedback

Davik maintains close contact with the customer throughout the deployment process. Your feedback is a fundamental part of our research process. Every feedback whether good or bad is received, analyzed, and evaluated.  

6 – Incorporating amendments 

If the received feedback contains possible flaws, performance issues, or blind spots identified in real life, it is evaluated. The solution undergoes extensive adjustments until the issue is addressed and resolved. 

Some famous advanced adhesive solutions Davik offers today

Davik continues to innovate and design new solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the most recent specialized solutions Davik has introduced after extensive research:

  • Catchy: A chemical-free pest control system. It’s an effective choice for farmers selling organic produce and for minimizing the use of chemical products.
  • UNDO: A white board sticker, which is perfect for usage anywhere. It is PVC free, convenient and safe for usage either at home or in office spaces.
  • Splicing Tape: An ideal solution for automated systems. The splicing tape can be detected by metal detectors and has been a gamechanger for plant operations of non-woven factories. 
  • Multipack bundle tape: The multi-pack bundle tape allows you to efficiently create promotional messages, discounts bundles, and other limited-time offers. There are several options for such tape for different applications.
  • Classic carry handle tape: Davik was the first to introduce carry handle tape in the industry. It is a unique and versatile product with numerous industrial applications and benefits. 
  • The green carry handle: The sustainable and 100% plastic-free version of the carry handle tape has the same capability to sustain weights. 

Davik: Your perfect adhesive partner

Davik is an ideal partner for any business needing advanced adhesive solutions for their application. The expert team at Davik has been in the industry for a long time and can assist you in fine-tuning your existing processes.

Start experiencing the perfect blend of knowhow and innovation spirit. Connect with a Davik expert today to get started!


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