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The food & beverage industry is among the hardest sectors to survive and thrive in. The market has immense potential, but so many players, intense competition, and the rising consumer expectations leave little to no room for any mistake. 

Your product might taste great, but that’s not the only thing that counts. You need to focus on several other elements if you want your product to succeed in the market. After the taste and price, the beverage packaging is the most important factor that can elevate your brand.  

Factors that affect packaging decisions for a beverage brand

For the beverage industry, there is no such thing as an ideal packaging material. Starting from the type of drink to its shelf life, everything plays an important role in determining the right packaging choice for your product. Some of the most important factors that may affect your packaging decisions are:


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  • The drink itself: The chemical composition of different beverages makes some packaging materials unsuitable. 
  • Shelf life: For drinks that need to be refrigerated over a long time, the packaging requirements will be very different from drinks that can remain on the regular aisle for a long time.
  • Transportation requirements: This is not well-known but your packaging choice depends on your distribution network and production location. Glass bottles for example are quite heavy. For longer distances, using plastic bottles would be more cost-effective and convenient. 
  • Consumer preferences: Sometimes you have to ignore the technical parameters and go for the things your consumers prefer. Glass bottles used for milk are a perfect example of this. 


beverage packaging

What do the consumers demand? 

Modern consumers have certain demands from their beverage of choice. A lot of things that were considered optional for brands are now a necessity. Davik has been part of the packaging industry for more than 3 decades and can help your business stay on top with the most innovative packaging solutions

Here are the 5 beverage packaging elements that modern consumers expect and how Davik can help you meet them. 

1 – Convenience

The most decisive factor that influences the packaging decision of your consumer is the overall convenience. Today, people will go for items that are simple to carry and store. This is especially the case with awkward and heavy products that can potentially drop. 

Davik was the first packaging company to come up with the idea of a carry handle tape. An ideal add-on that makes any package convenient for your consumers.    

2 – Aesthetics

In today’s market, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on the consumers. Many customer segments get attracted to certain colors or relate to a brand’s story. All of Davik’s packaging solutions like the carry handles and bundle tapes allow you to customize the design and add your authentic branding voice to the package. 

3 – Sustainability

Modern customers are looking to reduce their ecological footprint by limiting the use of plastic bags and opting for brands that adopt sustainable practices. Davik’s carry handle eliminates the need for plastic bags and offers 100% plastic-free options. 

4 – Simplicity

Modern consumers appreciate simplistic and ready-to-go packaging rather than something intricate. Some brands make the mistake of coming with something too unique and intricate to stand out from the crowd. This is a counter-intuitive approach as having a drink shouldn’t require you to solve a puzzle. 

5 – Bundles

No matter the industry, consumers love a bargain. They’ll respond positively to different combos, bundle offers, and other larger packs. Davik offers multiple options like its banderole tape and the carry handle to facilitate their packaging decisions. You can run special promotions on certain holidays, and special occasions without spending too much on your packaging. 

Key takeaways

Creating different bundles and packages for beverages is an extremely important process for any brand. Davik is the perfect packaging partner that has worked with several beverage brands globally and continues to introduce new and innovative solutions that are economical, sustainable, and convenient. To know more about how Davik can help you enhance your beverage packaging and keep your business on the top. 


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