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We have extensively covered how incredible the carry handle is. The adhesive add-on is eco-friendly, cost-effective, versatile, and convenient for any brand and application. Moreover, the carry handle tape also has a lot of marketing potential while serving as promotional packaging. It can also make a significant impact on the overall consumer experience of a brand.

In the following article we will use the example of some top brands across different industries and see how they use the carry handle to improve their customer experience and boost their sales.


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Daisy Brand Sour Cream

Daisy Brand is a perfect example of a manufacturer using innovative ways to increase sales and keep their customers happy. The carry handle tape allows this brand to target multiple goals without investing a significant amount. Daisy brand uses the handle to create exciting multipacks of its best-selling items like sour cream and whipped cream. Additionally, consumers in a supermarket tend to prefer products that stand out on the shelf. The innovative design and the option of getting multiple products at a slight discount encourage the customers to select the Daisy Brand and drive up their sales. 

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Coca Cola Israel

Everyone’s favorite drink – Coca-Cola – relied on bulky and inconvenient cartons in the past. The packaging was expensive and inconvenient for everyone involved in the supply chain. To address these issues, Coca-Cola decided to use shrink wrap and a carry handle. This innovative combination made it easier for consumers to handle the pack and was better for marketing. The company also benefited because the combined cost of shrink wrap and the carry handle was lower than carton packs. 


carry handle tape 

Evian Water

Evian Water brand decided to stand out from its competition by using the carry handle tape on their 4-packs. This was an immediate hit as consumers responded well to the innovative packaging and the convenience it offered. The carry handle also allowed Evian Water to increase its marketing effort and establish itself as a premium water brand.

carry handle tape


Marketing bottled water is tricky because of the product limitation and the availability of many options in the market. Lajhtiza, a water brand based in Albania, has been using the carry handle for a few years to keep its market share through innovative packaging. The brand introduced the concept of the carry handles in Albania, which was well-received by the customers and boosted their overall sales.


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Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is a premium juice brand in the United States. Known for their delicious cranberry and grapefruit juices, they enjoy a loyal customer base that appreciates the brand’s sustainable practices and organic products. To enhance the customer’s experience and maintain their eco-friendly reputation, ocean spray may now use paper-based carry handle tapes, which have become available in the market just recently. They have all the benefits of a regular carry handle and can be recycled as well together with a carton juice pack.


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Lily brand

Toilet paper rolls are an essential commodity that most people prefer to buy in bulk. For retail stores selling large packs, the packing was always an issue. They relied on plastic bags for their customer’s convenience, but those bags had their fair share of issues. The carry handle tape is a unique solution Lily brand implemented to make handling easier for customers and the retail stores without any environmental drawbacks. The add-on allowed the brand to stand out and grab a significant market share as most people tend to grab the first package they notice.


carry handle tape

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Changing a product’s packaging is not a simple job as multiple areas need attention. You might have to invest in new machinery, train the workforce, and introduce changes in your production line.

Going through all that is worth-it as packaging has a crucial role in any product’s marketing effort. Apart from the visual presentation, the packaging delivers a brand’s message, influences the customer’s experience, and has a direct impact on the overall production cost.

Davik understands how important packaging is for the sales of any product and has created a solution to introduce meaningful and effective changes in your packaging at the lowest cost. The adhesive carry handle tape by Davik can work with all common packaging materials, and you can also get a custom solution for your special applications.

On top of that, Davik also has an experienced team to help implement your vision and guide you on every step of your carry handle journey. Connect with the best carry handle suppliers in the market today to get started.


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