Carry Handle Tape Usage

Carry Handle Tapes: A tiny innovation with massive packaging, marketing, sales and environmental impact

Every time you go shopping and pick up a package of mineral water, or soft drinks, or even toilet paper, you handle carry handle tapes, composed from a polypropylene sheet, coated by an extra-durable glue specifically adapted to the packaging and its contents.
Instead of shoving products into plastic bags and cardboard boxes, carry handle tapes enable you to conveniently carry shrink wrapped products back to your car and/or home.
Not only do carry handle tapes minimize the packaging material and plastic usage required to handle products, they also:

  • Reduce volume occupancy of packaged products in stores and warehouses
  • Reduce damages to products and hence wastage, customer complaints and product return.
  • Offer a versatile platform for promotional content
  • Encourage selection of your easy to pick up products by shoppers, granting you a competitive advantage over cardboard box bound products.
  • Nurtures customer loyalty with larger quantity purchases through multipacks.
  • Have a lower cost than traditional packaging methods
  • Offer flexibility in the format of the handle insert, utilization of either paper, PE, PP foam, foam, soft fabric or other material, which can be chosen be the customer.

Experience and expertise

Davik was the first company to introduce the carry handle tape to the world, and remain the leading global manufacturer of this innovative development to the present day, selling over a billion carry tape handles around the world annually. Nor have we rested on our laurels – over the past two decades we have constantly improved our formulas to fit various base to be adhered to (shrink, PET bottles, carton) and deliver the most versatile and extensive selection of handles in the market: natural or prelaminated for automatic application and also manually detachable and customized for the specific products and marketing needs of our customers.


As a manufacturer you can incorporate the carry tape handle into your products with an applicator at the end of your production line that presses the handle tape into the packaging. -At the end of the line you will have the fully packed product with the handle on it.
For low capacity production or for integration at the sale point, manual usage of detachable carry handle rolls by the cashier is also a possibility.
To hear more about the advantages and possibilities Davik has to offer please contact us today!

Responsible global citizenship

Plastics permeate the modern world. Our cars, our medical instruments, our computers, and practically any household appliance we use contain plastics. Plastics have improved our lives immensely.

Only one problem. Well, actually two problems. The first is that plastics, being produced from oil, are at the end of the day an exhaustible resource. The second is that plastics are not biodegradable, and their ubiquitous use and often sloppy disposal is polluting groundwater, forming massive plastic islands in the North Pacific and the North Atlantic, and generally endangering the environment.
We can’t stop using plastics – our industry and way of life are too dependent on them. But we can minimize their nonessential use, especially in packaging. Davik is proud of our role in minimizing the use of plastics in our everyday lives – it may be a small step towards a cleaner, healthier future, but as Confucius said, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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