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Increased demand, limited supplies, and disturbed supply chains have created a raw material shortage across many industries. If you don’t have a secondary carry handle supplier, it’s time to look for one. Doing so will ensure the continuous inflow of the necessary raw material you need for your packaging. 

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Why is there a raw materials shortage?

The pandemic last year had far-reaching effects on the global economy. Many sectors were affected globally and businesses were either forced to wind up operations or limit production to reduce their overall costs and survive the new reality. Slowly but surely, the world is now coming back to normal because of the ongoing vaccination drives and other precautions. 

China by far had the fastest economic recovery with most of its businesses back on track and production back to full capacity. The increased demand, coupled with lower raw material production in other countries has created a disparity and a raw material shortage in many industrial sectors. 

That’s not all! Global supply chain systems have also been disturbed by the pandemic with so many travel restrictions and regulations still being enforced to prevent any new wave. All these factors combined with inflation have created availability issues and increased the overall prices. In such a situation, it’s no longer wise for any business to depend solely on a single supplier.

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The importance of consistency for consumer brands

All businesses, especially consumer brands need consistency and timely availability of the necessary materials due to the intense competition in the market. Your customers won’t wait for your supply at their nearest departmental store. Your product being unavailable when required will only benefit your competitors and getting that market share back would be a challenge.

For any manufacturing environment, decision-makers are responsible for ensuring a continuous and streamlined process under all circumstances. Even if we ignore the market competition, it still doesn’t make business sense. Any production environment comes with countless overheads and production as planned is integral to maintain the profit levels. 

The requirement to maintain consistency is one of the major reasons why businesses prepare contingency plans for all worst-case scenarios, such as a raw materials shortage. Most businesses rely on third-party vendors for raw material supplies, and it’s never smart to rely solely on a single supplier. Anything can go wrong. You must always have a reliable secondary partner to ensure consistent production. Davik can be that partner for your business. 

Davik: The perfect partner for all your packaging needs

Whether Davik is your primary carry handle supplier or a secondary one, you are always certain to receive the best quality material at the promised time. Davik has been part of the industry for more than three decades and with that experience comes the confidence to effectively deal with any production issues or supply chain disturbance. Davik is ready to deal with a raw material shortage or any other similar problems – now and in the future. 

The assurance of timely delivery is not the only thing Davik guarantees. Davik has a foolproof quality control system and has a history of always exceeding expectations with the overall quality and capabilities of its products. That’s not all, Davik has also been a global leader in the innovative packaging industry and was the first business to introduce the carry handle tape in the market. Today, the business continues to innovate its product line by adding multiple sustainable options that can reduce the environmental footprint of your brand.

Interested in learning how Davik can work with your brand to ensure consistent and timely supply of the carry handle and other packaging supplies? Connect with a Davik packaging expert today to get started. 


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