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Procurement is a tricky job. Multiple factors determine the timely arrival of all key components for your plant’s operation. In many cases, the unavailability of a single part can hinder production and cause several problems at a later stage. To avoid that, it is standard practice to retain multiple suppliers to reduce the dependency on a single source. 

If you are already using carry handles in your products, then you know how it helps to advance your product goals. For carry handles as well, it is recommended to rely on alternate carry handle suppliers to keep the production going without any delays. 

When you’ll start looking for a secondary supplier, you’ll find that major options either cost more or require you to make some compromises. Davik has been in the market for more than two decades and has supplied customised adhesive solutions for carry handles to different industrial sectors. If you’re not already working with Davik and are looking for a supplier that gives you the best worth for your money without compromising on quality, read on to know why Davik is the best choice. 

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Factors to look for when selecting a secondary carry handle supplier

While selecting a carry handle supplier, any procurement team considers multiple key factors. The same factors are equally important in the case of an alternate supplier, but the following considerations take more precedence. 

1 – Quality

The first thing any customer deals in a supermarket is the packaging, especially the carry handle. A bad experience like the handle breaking on the way out will be enough for them to stay away from your brand. When selecting a carry handle supplier, you must make sure that their product is of optimum quality. The tape must be capable of sustaining the weight of the package and ensure continuous comfort for the end-user.

2 – Operational compatibility

Another important factor for selecting an alternate carry handle supplier is their compatibility with the existing setup. Automatic applicators need investment and other considerations, so you can’t buy multiple models for each carry handle supplier. This consideration is  applicable only while using an  automatic handle applicator in the production line. In the case of manual application, this concern is irrelevant. 

3 – Customisation

The final factor that you must look for in an alternate carry handle supplier is customisation. If you are using the carry handle for promotional packaging or for running different marketing campaigns, you’ll need to make sure that your alternate supplier offers the same graphics and other customised features.

How can Davik help?

The carry handle tape by Davik is an innovative, economical, strong, and well tested option that covers all the aforementioned factors. The product is designed for versatile use and is a perfect choice if you want a reliable option. 

Davik’s carry handle comes with the inherent capability of lifting 18 Kg and even above without breaking. Specialised solutions can also be developed for heavier packages. Davik specializes in various kinds of adhesives and carry handle tape adhesives are one of them. Davik R&D team has developed special carry handle  adhesives more than 20 years ago and since then have supplied excellent solutions to multiple clients all over the world. Davik is the only company having several carry handle tape adhesives, adjusted to the pack wrap material on which carry handle tape is placed.

When it comes to compatibility, the carry handle by Davik has no competition. The product is suitable for any handle applicator available in the market, so you can replace your existing supplier with Davik without any extra steps or considerations. If manual application is needed – Davik has a very convenient option of small rolls, while each handle is easily detachable one from another

For promotional messaging and other marketing requirements, Davik offers professional graphic designing services that can replicate the designs and measurements of your existing supplier or sit down with you to come up with an even better solution. 

Key takeaway: Choose Davik to experience the best!

Choosing the best supplier for your carry handle may seem like a complex task as there are only a few viable options in the market. Successful people always say that you can’t put all your eggs in a single basket, and the same philosophy applies to the procurement of carry handle tape. 

To prepare yourself for delays due to logistical constraints or any other factor, it’s smart to always have a reliable secondary supplier. Davik is a trusted company with a global reach and an extensive history of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Whether Davik is your primary carry handle supplier or a secondary one, you are guaranteed to always get the best adhesive solution on a roll!


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