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Any marketing expert will tell you that regardless of how good your product’s quality is compared to your competitors, it will never sell unless it’s in an equally pleasing packaging. The importance of appealing and convenient packaging solutions can never be underestimated. But for a majority of small-sized products, finding the right kind of packaging isn’t as big of an issue. 

For bulkier products, finding the right package becomes more of a challenge. Brands have the responsibility of keeping the customers happy and making their product stand-out from their competition through their packaging, marketing campaigns, and after-sale services. Delivering a quality product is only a small part of the job. 


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The three crucial packaging objectives for brands today

The global market has completely changed the game in recent years. Consumers now have direct access to multiple brands due to lower supply chain costs and the rise of global e-commerce players. Brands now have to deal with both local and international competitors, which has forced them to up their game. 

After the quality and functionality, the most important thing that can impact sales is packaging. There are multiple examples of brands seeing a significant improvement in their market performance through attractive and convenient packaging solutions. When it comes to packaging, brands have to consider a lot of factors to make an effective decision. From the nature of the product to the target market segment, multiple factors can influence your packaging decision.

Brands can have multiple objectives through the packaging solution they adopt. However, the following three are considered as the most important.

1 – Marketing and user convenience

The biggest objective for any brand is to ensure the convenience of its consumers through attractive and innovative packaging solutions. This is especially true for products with an awkward design or heavier products, as brands aim to make the purchase decision easier for the customers by making their package easier to carry. 

Brands that focus on the convenience of their consumers generally perform better than their counterparts. Heavier products can especially benefit from convenient packaging. No consumer would mind carrying a light, small package back to their car no matter how awkward its design is. However, they’ll think twice for heavier packages and that’s where your product can take an edge. 

Another important objective that brands have regarding their packaging solutions is to employ effective marketing tactics for their products. The package is the first thing any consumer sees in a departmental store, so it has to be attractive enough to make your product stand out.

2 – Price

Another important consideration for any brand is the overall price of the packaging they are selecting. Brands want to reap all the benefits from their packaging and ensure convenience for their users, but they are restricted due to budget. This forces brands to either increase their prices or absorb the increase in cost by reducing their net profits as a trade-off. 

Both scenarios are unfavorable as many brands don’t have the room to bear a loss in profit, especially in a consumer market. While on the other hand, in a price-sensitive market, increasing the price can give competitors an edge. For bulkier packages, however, whatever packaging you use will cost more as there is a larger surface to cover. Hence, researching new, cost-effective methods for packaging without compromising on the performance becomes crucial to stay competitive. 

3 – Sustainability

In this age, focusing on sustainable materials and processes is crucial for businesses wanting to survive. Modern consumers are more aware of environmental challenges and appreciate businesses trying to bring a change. Moreover, many governments also give tax breaks and other key incentives to businesses that successfully reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

In the packaging sector, there are a lot of things any brand can do towards making a meaningful change. Plastics and other packaging materials are among the biggest contributors to pollution in many countries and even the smallest innovations to reduce our reliance on them can go a long way. Many studies show that many consumers now think of a company’s sustainability as a metric of quality and are willing to pay more for that. 

Davik’s Carry Handle: The perfect packaging solution

Now that we are somewhat aware of the challenges and objectives of the packaging industry, especially when it comes to bulky products. It’s time to look for a solution. Davik’s carry handle is perhaps the only product that checks all the boxes when it comes to fulfilling all the above objectives of any brand. The carry handle is great for marketing, convenient for the users, costs barely anything, and has the potential to reduce our reliance on plastics by a significant degree. Let’s take a look at how!

The carry handle by Davik is among the few products that are convenient for both the manufacturers and the consumers. Brands can also use it to run promotions, marketing campaigns, and make other combinations to improve their sales and introduce a new product. Generally, the tape has the capability of lifting up to 18 kgs, which allows it to handle a majority of heavy products in the consumer market. However, don’t worry if your product weighs more. Davik will work together with you throughout the process and come up with a unique solution according to your requirements. 

For brands focusing on sustainable packaging, the carry handle works like a charm. It sticks directly to the carton, shrink-wrap, or whatever packaging material you are using. Therefore, customers won’t have to use a plastic bag. Apart from that, the carry handle by Davik requires minimal investments.  It is an add-on that can be applied both manually and automatically. If you choose manual-application for your carry handle, you’ll have the freedom to apply the carry handle tape at any stage and immediately start benefiting from it.

Manually detachable carry handles come in a small convenient roll. It can also be produced in a few variations, depending on your requirements and desires. Davik will offer and recommend you the best solution for your product.

Final thoughts

Consumers anywhere prefer to buy products that use innovation to make the entire experience convenient for them and the carry handle by Davik can achieve that without any significant capital investment. It is an incredible innovation that can make everyday life easier. There are very few packaging options for heavier products and only a few of them focus on the convenience of the customer. By introducing the carry handle, you can stand apart from the competition and expect to see a significant improvement in your overall sales. 

Thinking of trying the carry handle out? Contact a Davik expert today to start the process! 


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