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As the world is becoming more environmentally conscious and socially responsible, brands are increasingly looking for ways to establish an eco-friendly association for the consumer. 

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the reasons and benefits of why your company should consider eco-friendly packaging. We only cover the why in a brief manner because that is the part you are likely already familiar with. This article’s main focus, however, will be on how. How your company can successfully make this shift and for it to be significantly more simple than you might have ever imagined. You might also realize how YOU can personally be responsible for increasing sales for the company and also leading the way in your brand’s shift to saving the world. 


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Why Go For Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Never Underestimate the First Impression

The packaging is a great place to begin. The packaging is the first feature of your product that a customer comes in contact with. The way the package looks and feels is what gives the first and most valuable impression of your brand, and your product. That’s why it’s crucial to invest extra effort and thought in your product packaging.

Businesses have a lot to gain when they decide to rely on eco-friendly materials and processes when it comes to packaging. Sustainable Packaging is one area where brands can get creative and rake up those environmental points. It also plays an important role in customer retention and marketing.

Consumer Demand for Eco-friendly Packaging is Surging 

One study estimated a compound annual growth rate (‘CAGR’) of 7.4 percent from 2020 to 2025. This means that all producers and distributors need to think about how they can make their packaging process more sustainable.  In this challenging economic environment, it is essential that any solution be economical as well as environmentally sustainable for the company.

You Can Actually Make a Difference

The EPA says that packaging materials are almost 65% of all the trash people throw every year, so you can make a significant difference by doing something about it.

Challenges in Eco-friendly Packaging

In most cases, the shift to sustainable packaging is easier said than done. Limitations in technology, lack of convenient alternatives, and high associated costs are some of the biggest hurdles brands face while going green.

Selecting New Materials Can Be Tricky

The first thing that most brands do in their drive of going eco-friendly is to shift from plastics to paper. 

This is because paper or cardboard is more biodegradable than most plastics. However, it isn’t always the most sustainable option. The sustainable approach to packaging looks at many different factors, including the overall energy and resources required to produce that material. In many cases, cardboard  can actually require more energy and water to manufacture compared to plastic.

Of course, the recyclability of paper allows for better production methods over time, but sometimes it still isn’t easier to produce sustainably compared to plastic. It is, therefore, important for brands to consider their packaging decisions and the implications of their overall environmental footprint. Even while using paper or cardboard you should look for new ways to reduce the amount of material used in the packaging. Or alternatively in what way it can be reused, and not just thrown away.

If Done Incorrectly, Recycled Materials Can Mean Weak Durability For Your Packaging

A common problem with recycled materials is the weakening of the durability of your packaging. Some of the recycled materials over time become inferior in strength and won’t hold up for your product like they did the first time around. Therefore, there’s a need to choose wisely when considering which recycled materials to use.

The general trend indicates that large-scale changes to introduce eco-friendly materials can put a significant dent on your budget.

Finding a Solution That Can Work for Your Company

Targeting Areas for Biggest Impact

The best way of tackling such challenges is to look for a solution from another angle and target areas where you can make the biggest difference. This is the approach Davik took when looking for how they can help and guide brands to becoming more eco-friendly.

Although not a new concept, but indeed where the damage is greatest is at the stage before the package – plastic bags. If you can eliminate the need for yet another plastic bag and do that at scale, your brand can claim responsibility for a significant environmental impact.  

An Example of A Creative Solutions You Can Adopt

The Carry Handle tape by Davik is an innovative, convenient, and cost-effective solution for eliminating the need for plastic bags. The Carry Handle is a thin strip of material that attaches to both sides of your product creating a durable handle that can lift heavy products. It has the capability of lifting up to 30 pounds which provides for a most ideal solution for heavier products such as multi-pack beverages. It does not require any intricate process to be applied or drastic changes to the production process.

Additionally, this add-on feature is customizable and provides marketing opportunities as well. You’ll also see an increase in your sales as customers are more likely to select a product that is convenient to carry.

How The Carry Handle Overcomes These Challenges  

The Carry Handle by Davik can play a key role for your brand’s sustainability strategy in addressing the above obstacles

Material – Applying the carry handle to your product actually means less material is needed for packaging. If your product is a multi-pack beverage, for example, adding the Carry Handle will reduce damage to the shrink wrap when the product is handled which means a reduced amount of products that need to be repackaged.

Durability – The Carry Handle by Davik is made from recyclable eco-friendly materials but is also super durable and has the capability of lifting up to 30 pounds which provides for a most ideal solution for heavier products such as multi-pack beverages. 

Davik can offer various types of Carry handles, made of different materials such as MOPP, PE, PET, recycled PET, or plastic-free handles. Moreover, Davik can offer supplementary products that will enable your brand to construct the right packaging idea.

Key Takeaways

The packaging industry indeed faces multiple challenges when it comes to implementing sustainability in a truer sense. However, there are some simple and innovative solutions like Davik’s carry handle tape that can help your brand reduce its plastic reliance while boosting sales. Davik has everything you’ll need to achieve an eco-friendly status. Contact a Davik expert to discuss the right eco-friendly packaging solution for your product. 


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