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When it comes to the environmental impact of any industry, only a few sectors can hold a candle to packaging. It is estimated that over half of the world’s trash comes from plastic packaging materials and the number will continue to rise if appropriate measures are not taken. 

Popular juice boxes, milk cartons, soft drink bottles, and many other food items unnecessarily rely on plastic materials, especially when those come wrapped with some sort of shrink. Moreover, the plastic bags these items come with make up a significant portion of the packaging waste, most of which is discarded into landfills or oceans. This has been a menace for the environment as plastic does not decompose and can potentially create numerous ecological problems.


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Modern businesses are now actively looking for innovative ways to curb down the negative impact of their packaging. Eco-friendly packaging, which was only a buzzword a few years ago has now become a necessity. Consumers, lawmakers, and other governmental agencies are now pressuring brands to adopt sustainable packaging solutions.

Davik’s eco-friendly solutions

For food packaging and other consumer applications, Davik presents the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that save cost, energy, and reduce the reliance on plastics.

Davik was the first company to introduce the carry handle tape – a viable and sustainable replacement of plastic bags that offers no compromise on the overall convenience of your customers. As a matter of fact, the performance of the carry handle is significantly better than a regular plastic bag when it comes to bulky and awkward products.

Davik has been continuously improving the carry handle concept as well. Today, it’s the only company that offers a 100% plastic-free carry handle solution called the GreenCarry. This paper-based carry handle comes with the same features as a regular version and can easily sustain weights up to 12 Kgs. 

Another excellent eco-friendly product that can reduce your customer’s reliance on plastic materials is the bundle-tape for multi-packs, 6-packs, and other similar products that use plastic shrink. Davik has been in the market for the last 3 decades and has the adhesive expertise to handle all the common packaging material used in the industry. Just like the GreenCarry, Davik also offers a paper-based bundle tape variant that is more eco-friendly and does not compromise on the customer experience.

Both of these eco-friendly packaging solutions are excellent on their own. However, combining them ensures the ultimate experience for the consumers. The bundle tape can hold the pack together and the GreenCarry can be used to lift the package, thereby eliminating the use of plastic bags entirely. 

The business advantages of Davik’s packaging solutions

Apart from playing a significant role in countering the adverse environmental impact of plastic packaging, Davik’s eco-friendly solutions make business sense as well because of the increasing demand for sustainable brands in the market. Many brands have successfully capitalized on this opportunity by being the first ones to adopt sustainable packaging. Resultantly, they were able to increase their market base and gain customer loyalty.

The benefits of integrating Davik’s eco-friendly packaging solutions (the GreenCarry and paper-based bundle tape) don’t end on the improved rapport with the consumers. Davik can advance any brand’s product goals in the following ways:

  • Improves market standing
  • Enhances customer convenience with minimal environmental drawbacks
  • Creates excellent marketing/promotional opportunities through customizable messaging 
  • Versatile for a variety of product applications
  • Stimulate long-term reduction in the overall packaging cost
  • Does not need a complete overhaul of the existing setup


To sum up, eco-friendly sustainable packaging solutions are no longer expensive as they can be implemented without needing any monumental changes. Most importantly, the consumers don’t need to face any inconveniences as well. These solutions are more than capable of handling all the consumer requirements and expectations. 

Implementing small changes like introducing Davik’s paper-based solutions can have a significant effect on a company’s environmental impact. On a wider scale, Davik’s GreenCarry handle and the bundle-tape can minimize the packaging industry’s reliance on plastics and benefit both the consumers and the brand.   


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