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Single-use plastics have been an environmental menace, and numerous industries are looking for ways to curb their use. The packaging industry stands as one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation today.

The convenient experience of plastic packaging is hard to replicate, but doing it is now a necessity. EPA states that landfills in the United States alone process a significant percentage of the world’s packaging waste, around 30.5 million tons. Today, almost 65% of all trash in the world is packaging material. Experts believe that this number can grow considerably in the absence of any concrete actions.

Consumer demand for Eco-friendly primary and secondary packaging materials

Thankfully, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is surging nowadays. Some consumer segments are even ready to pay a little extra for environment-friendly packaging materials. Even governments recognize the importance of eco-friendly practices and are incentivizing sustainable packaging through tax-rebates and other benefits. Moreover, using plastic bags for retail is banned in many major cities across the world. In such markets, brands compete to increase their consumer base through innovative and convenient packaging solutions like the carry handle.  

A study estimates that the market for sustainable packaging will go through a substantial growth of 43% by 2025. Shifting to eco-friendly packaging and friendly secondary packaging  is not only the ethical thing to do, but also makes economic sense.


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Paper-based carry handles: The perfect solution for secondary packaging

Davik is proud to be at the forefront of the sustainable packaging market and continues to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that are cost-effective and convenient. The GreenCarry paper-based carry handle is the latest product Davik offers to help your brand move towards plastic-free packaging.

Some of the benefits of the paper-based carry handle are listed below.

Sustainable and plastic-free

The GreenCarry is a premium product that is 100% free from any plastics or fibers. This quality makes it a perfect choice for your brand if you are aiming to significantly reduce your environmental footprint, and make a difference. 

Works just like a regular carry handle

Despite being made from paper only, the GreenCarry has the same capabilities as the regular carry handle tape. The premium adhesive material by Davik allows the paper-based carry handle to sustain heavy loads, around 12kg, without any issues. If needed – even heavier packages are possible to handle.

Can work with existing automatic applicators in the market

Are you an existing carry handle user? You might be concerned about the compatibility of the paper-based variant with your existing applicators. A lot of thought and capital goes behind selecting an automatic applicator for your plant and you don’t want to waste that. Don’t worry! Davik designed the GreenCarry Tape to seamlessly work with commonly available applicators in the market with minimal adjustments.


Similar to the regular carry handle tape, you can easily customize the paper-based variant according to your marketing requirements. You can easily change the dimensions of the handle and use the available space to run a promotion or send out an advertising message.

Davik: Your natural partner for sustainable packaging and secondary packaging applications

Davik Tapes has been associated with the packaging industry for more than two decades. Over the years, we have developed numerous innovative packaging solutions to ensure your customer’s convenience without any adverse effect on the environment. The carry handle is not the only Davik product with a paper-based variant. To keep your packaging 100% plastic-free, you can combine the GreenCarry with Davik’s bundle tape for creating environment-friendly packages.

The paper-based variants are not the only environment-friendly options by Davik. We strive to play our part in creating a trend of sustainable industrial practices through our focus on recyclability. Davik is proud to be one of the few companies in the market that offer recyclable adhesive solutions at the most competitive price. Click here to learn more about our product range or contact a Davik expert today.  


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