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Visit a departmental store anywhere in the world. You’ll notice that they all have one thing in common. All similar products are kept on the same shelf/aisle for the customer’s convenience. This presents an interesting challenge for marketing professionals as they need to make their product stand out. 

In this article, we will be discussing how promotional packaging can be the secret ingredient to your marketing strategy. It can boost your sales by setting your product apart from others and the packaging change-over is easier than you can imagine. 


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The Homogenous Shelf: A Marketer’s Problem

The aforementioned problem of a product not being able to stand out arises from the general homogeneity in how products look, especially those in industries like foods, beverages, dairy, hygiene products, and more. 

When placed on a shelf together, they all seem alike. This tends to affect a customer’s choice, who may be unable to locate your product or may even be tempted to buy whatever their eyes fall on first. 

One may argue that changing the packaging size or altering the color scheme or the fonts can help. We must agree, it does help, but only to a certain degree. With every competitor putting an effort into working out a unique size/color package, your ‘unique’ combination might prove to be just another run-of-the-mill expression that blends into whatever the aisle holds. 

To truly outclass your competition, you must add an entirely new element to your marketing mix. Davik has just the right tool for you!

Carry Handle Tape: The Promotional Packaging You Need

Davik’s carry handle tapes are what you need to step up your game. While this amazing innovation is well-known for its convenience and environment-friendliness, we want to use this opportunity to shed some light on its marketing benefit. 

More Advertising Space

The biggest marketing advantage of adding carry handles to your packaging is that they increase the promotion space available to you. You can use this additional space to capture people’s attention and prompt them to buy what you are selling. 

The best way to promote your products is by adding creative imagery and text. You might want to print your punchline on the carry handle along with your brand logo or maybe a picture that somehow relates to your buyers. These simple elements can accentuate your product. 

Companies selling edible products can also make use of elaborate color schemes to match the product, triggering an impulse in customers. This is a time-tested technique for selling eatables. 

Product Grouping 

promotional packagingOne of the most- unique qualities of the carry handle tape is its capability of being attached to more than one product. A successful marketing technique is selling a combination of products at a discounted price. You maximize overall profits as customers buy more products overall.

With a carry handle, there is no need to invest in expensive and voluminous packaging to prepare a packet of goods, you can do it very easily with a single tape. 

Increased Visibility

The carry handle is placed on the top of the pack and therefore the first thing that a consumer sees while making his choice. 

Whatever message or image you have on your promotional packaging, it will be the first thing a customer sees when entering an aisle, and this is exactly what you need!

Economic Viability

Installing carry handles on your products requires no special arrangements or changes to your production line. The entire packaging process remains the same, except for one additional step at the end. 

You can place an automated machine at the end to put the tape on each product and that is it. You are maximising your profits with virtually no extra investment. 


Carry handles tapes come in various types. They are available for different materials, can be laminated, come in varying dimensions, and can be colored. Furthermore, you can have anything printed on them as well.

In short, they are remarkably versatile and quite possibly the perfect promotional packaging solution available in the market. 

The product can be fully customised according to a customer’s pack size and weight and the printed promotional message required. 


Competition in the market is increasing day by day, requiring more input and creativity from marketers in proving to buyers why their product is the best. A part of this is making your product stand out. 

A small investment in promotion packaging can be great for your brand. Our product is truly a game-changer as it’s easy to implement and shows immediate results. Take a look at Davik’s Carry Handle Tape Collection or contact our experts for more information.


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