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No one can deny that plastics have many essential applications. However, single-use bags and other items create more harm than good. The packaging industry, the biggest contributor to plastic waste, is the focus area for many brands that are looking to reduce their environmental impact by moving towards sustainable packaging materials.

Adopting sustainable practices is the best way forward for all consumer brands. Minimizing environmental impact is the moral and social responsibility of every business. With sustainable packaging solutions, you can do it while improving your standing in the market. A win-win situation for everyone.  


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The demand for sustainable packaging materials

There is an increasing demand for brands to adopt sustainable materials because of growing awareness throughout the world. Many consumer segments in the developed countries are even willing to go for a more expensive alternative if it is eco-friendly. Today, brands are increasingly shifting towards sustainability and by 2025, the market for eco-friendly packaging is expected to grow by 43%.

In some areas, sustainable packaging is no longer optional due to local regulations. Many governments have either completely or partially banned the use of plastic bags in the retail environment. In areas where they are still allowed, customers are asked to pay extra for a plastic bag as a measure to discourage its use. 

This situation warrants a sustainable replacement for plastic bags that delivers the same convenience and portability without any harm to the environment. Davik has the perfect solution for you.

What does Davik offer?

The carry handle tape is a viable replacement for plastic bags. This product naturally becomes a part of your package and makes handling easier for the customer. Thereby, eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Davik, being the original developer of the carry handle, continues to innovate its solutions to deliver a better and more effective service to its customers. The original carry handle was a step above plastic bags because of its minimalist design and recyclability. However, it was still made from plastic. 

An alternative packaging solution, the GreenCarry, was developed from sustainable packaging materials and delivers the same performance with the least amount of plastic waste. The benefits of GreenCarry are described in full detail in the next sections. 

GreenCarrry sustainable packaging

1 – 100% plastic-free

The GreenCarry handle is 100% free from any plastic part. The entire design is paper-based to ensure that the package could be directly sent to recycling without sorting or separation. On average, only 10% of packaging material is recycled due to the intricate separation processes required. The seemingly small characteristic can drastically improve those numbers and make an actual difference.  

2 – Works just as well as the regular product

A common misconception about paper-based products is that they can’t perform as well as their plastic counterparts. The GreenCarry is designed on the same performance standards as a regular carry handle tape. The product can easily sustain loads up to 9 kg without any damage. If required, that capacity can also be increased in some cases. 

3 – Compatible with the existing machinery

Already using the carry handle? Don’t worry, you won’t have to invest any additional capital in new machinery. The GreenCarry can work with almost all the automatic applicators currently used in the industry after a few adjustments only. 

4 – Customizable

Thinking about running a promotion for the next holiday season or do you want to offer a discount bundle to your consumers? The sustainable carry handle can help you do all that by allowing you to change the overall dimensions of the handle and print your customized message for promotional packaging.  

5 – Cost-effective

Normally, sustainable alternatives with the same performance parameters cost a little extra. But that’s not the case with Davik’s GreenCarry. Adding this eco-friendly option does not require any unreasonable investments. In some cases, you can even save some money with this option as it reduces the overall material you need for the package. 

Davik: Preparing the world for a more sustainable future, one package at a time

Davik has been associated with the packaging industry for more than decades and continues to improve its partner’s experience with innovation and creativity. When it comes to sustainable packaging material, the GreenCarry is not the only product Davik offers. You have the option of combining this paper-based carry handle with a paper-based bundle tape to create a perfect eco-friendly pack. 

Similarly, even plastic products Davik has focused on sustainability. For example, the PE carry handle tape does not need sorting and can be recycled with shrinkwrap. Thanks to its experienced team, Davik can deliver the most effective and eco-friendly solution for any requirement or application. You can connect with a Davik expert today to learn how it can help your brand move towards a sustainable future. 


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