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The fierce competition in the consumer market requires brands to constantly come up with different ways to stand out and attract new customers. Packaging is one of the first things your customer interacts with and holds an essential position in defining a customer’s experience. 

Multiple brands report better sales and customer retention numbers by making simple changes in their packaging only. Research shows that around a third of an average customer’s choice is based on packaging. That is a huge number and can potentially take your business to the top.

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5 Elements that can enhance your product’s packaging

Transforming your packaging doesn’t need elaborate measures. You don’t have to adopt Ruth Goldberg’s method to make a difference. Simple and effective measures that connect with your consumers can help you create something that inspires sales and appeals to the masses. 

Some of the best elements you can add to your packaging is as follows:

1 – Focus on the convenience

In the FMCG industry, your consumer’s experience has a direct impact on brand loyalty. Convenient packaging shows that you, as a brand, care for your customers, and that message can help increase sales and retention. 

An excellent add-on to improve your package’s convenience is the carry handle. Bulk items usually come in cartons or wrapped with shrink that are either too weak or too awkward to handle and you might need your both hands to lift it up. Carry handle tape can be secured to your existing package and make it easier to handle. It has versatile applications and can be used to implement many promotional packaging ideas.

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2 – A special unboxing experience

Another great way to enhance your overall appeal is to make the unboxing experience more pleasant for the customers. This tactic is often adopted by brands that deal in electronics and cosmetics, but other industries can also benefit from it. A perfect example can be cereal boxes. They come with additional puzzles, games, and other engaging activities to attract children. Carry handle tape can perfectly attract the kids and make it easier to carry their new games home.

3 – Tell a compelling story or add your brand’s message

Sometimes using your package to tell your brand’s story can help you connect with your customers and make them feel like a part of a community. You can also use colors, taglines, personalized messages, and other texts to inform your customers about any new promotion, put up a slogan, or even a simple joke to stand out in the crowded aisle and increase your sales. Such branded messages can easily be printed on the carry handle, resulting in additional marketing space for you.

4 – Sustainability

Packaging is one of the biggest culprits behind marine pollution and plastic waste. Sustainable packaging solutions are a primary requirement for many modern consumer segments who are both vocal and are significant in numbers. In many countries, even governments are incentivizing green packaging solutions that can effectively reduce our reliance on plastics. Moreover, you as a business, have an ethical and moral responsibility to adopt sustainable practices wherever possible.

Davik brings an excellent packaging solution that is cost-effective, convenient, and eliminates the need for plastic bags! And the best thing is, it’s 100% plastic-free. The GreenCarry is a paper-based carry handle with the same performance parameters, overall convenience, and weight sustaining capacity. Add this to your package and truly establish your brand as a green alternative.  

5 – Creativity

The last thing you can do to add some character to your packaging is to ditch the box. Most brands fail to capitalize on excellent promotional packaging ideas because of their traditional design. By using creative shapes and colors, you’ll be able to improve your brand’s chances in the market. Combine that with a carefully crafted creative message or a subtle joke, and you’ll have an absolute winner in your hands. 


IMRG UK suggests that your customers decide whether to keep purchasing your product or to move on based on the packaging experience. By focusing on improvement, you can ensure that the latter never happens. 

This text addressed some of the most effective changes you can introduce in your product to implement your promotional packaging ideas and improve your brand’s overall marketing appeal. There are countless other opportunities where you can creatively increase your product’s sales and inspire new sales. 


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