Sustainable Packaging

The latest trend in most industries across the world is to place the utmost importance on providing goods and services through sustainable manufacturing. Be it product creation, product transport, or product packaging, the need for sustainable solutions has changed the way companies approach these processes. 

Single-use plastic has placed a heavy burden on the environment. The question of the safe disposal of existing packaging materials cannot be solved so easily and so quickly. It’s why several companies are now looking to find a sustainable packaging solution they can easily implement.  

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Green processes from start to finish

Customers across the world are demanding more and more accountability from businesses when it comes to their carbon footprint. This means ensuring a push towards green practices from the acquisition of raw materials to the finished product. Reputable businesses have to ensure that they partner with other businesses where sustainability is a major concern. This is why Davik is the perfect partner for you. 

The solutions offered by Davik are manufactured through the usage of environmentally friendly processes. Davik has transformed its manufacturing process to the point that the company has practically zero-carbon footprint during production. One way that Davik has achieved this milestone is through utilizing solar power for all operations.


Sustainable packaging

The need for sustainable products

Sustainable processes weren’t a focal point for companies even a decade ago. However, with more conscious customers and increasing rules and regulations based on environmental concerns, it has become a major focus for many organizations. 

 Water-based adhesives reduce the overall environmental impact of the solvents, and also their usage improves the health and safety standards throughout the product’s lifecycle. This is why Davik’s newest plant uses the technology of acrylic water-based adhesives and many of our newly developed products are produced on this site.

Davik: Your Green Partner 

During the last years, Davik became the go-to partner for many organizations because of its commitment to sustainability. At Davik, a pivotal focus is placed on transforming an abstract concept of sustainable development into a tangible reality for green organizations across the world. Davik does that through the development of new products, acting in two categories:

  • Products that reduce the usage of plastic used for the final consumer packaged product
  • Production of some new products by acrylic water-based technology and this way – introducing the world with healthier products for people and for the environment.

Davik is committed to working on sustainable development and is resolved to fulfill its corporate responsibility towards the environment, its customers, and society as a whole. By focusing on developing new innovative products and creating better and greener alternatives, Davik has continued to push the envelope of sustainable practices. 

The following are some of Davik’s newly developed sustainable solutions. 

  • GreenCarry handles: Davik, who developed the classic carry handle more than 20 years ago, has created a 100% plastic-free alternative. GreenCarry handle is a paper-based packaging solution that delivers the same kind of performance as a regular carry handle tape. The solution can easily be implemented in your existing setup of automatic applicators and can even be customized as per your needs. 
  • Catchy: By now it’s clear that pesticides are a double-edged sword. Sure, they get rid of insects and pests, but not only are the chemicals harmful to the environment but they cause adverse health effects to consumers as well. It’s why Davik’s Catchy has become a game-changer for greenhouse farming. This thick sheet of adhesive can easily be installed on your farm and can drastically reduce the use of harmful chemicals. 
  • Xerobon: The latest bonding solution by Davik that offers the same performance with practically zero carbon footprint and Zero VOC emission. Xerobon is the revolutionary green alternative replacing seams and rubber strips in textile production. This UV-resistant bonding solution provides incredible bonding strength with no compromise on flexibility and comfort. Xerobon is also designed to withstand high temperatures, has excellent washing stability, and is stretchable. 

Key Takeaway

Davik has been at the forefront of sustainable development. Through innovating sustainable packaging materials while also practicing green production, Davik has managed to become a brilliant case study of successful sustainable manufacturing. It offers several unique products that can significantly contribute to transforming its partner’s operations.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, experience, and research, Davik can help deliver an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution that fits all your requirements. Get a front seat to the sustainable future that Davik is building. 


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