Home Office Design Ideas

Even with Covid related restrictions lifting throughout the world and things starting to get normal, many professionals find working from home as the new norm. Some companies are adopting a hybrid work structure to give their employees a choice while some have completely shifted to a remote model. 

With working from home becoming a sort of permanent arrangement for the near future, it’s time for you to create a functional workspace in your home if you haven’t already created one. Staying in bed with your laptop might work as a temporary measure, but you need a clutter-free workspace to get everything sorted and maintain your productivity. here are a few home office design ideas.

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Primary requirements from a home-office

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll need your home office design ideas to have some characteristics that can stimulate creativity and help you focus on your tasks. It’s better to choose an area that is quiet and free from any disturbances. Natural light from the nearby window and a light breeze can also have a great effect on your motivation and performance. 

Some other characteristics you should strive to have in your workspace are: 

  • Comfort: The right furniture and place are extremely important for your productivity. Choose a good chair and keep your computer at an appropriate height for the best performance.  
  • Style and Aesthetic look: Remote working means that you’ll often have to communicate on video calls with clients, colleagues, and management. Add color to your workspace by having a bookshelf, a plant, or some art in the background. It will look impressive and also make you feel good about working.  
  • Practicality: Make sure that everything you need is within your arm’s reach. Standing up frequently to get important documents, files, stationery, or a printout can hinder your productivity and divide your focus.
  • Organization: Staying updated with different tasks and deadlines is harder when you are working from home. Removable whiteboard stickers can help you remember the most important things and stay on track. Simply write down the deadlines and make important notes to always stay on top of things.

home office design ideas

3 home office design ideas for small homes

Don’t have a free room to turn into an office? Don’t worry, you can create a great workplace even with very limited space. Let’s take a look at some unused areas that you can turn into a workstation.

1 – Under the Staircase

The area under the staircase is usually unused and can be a perfect workstation after some work. Depending on how much space you have, you can add a bookshelf and other elements in your home office as well. 

The area under the staircase is usually not too solitary, so you’ll be available for your family members for a quick chat or an update as well. You can also decorate things that are both aesthetic and functional. 

2 – An empty corner in your room

Just like under the staircases, corners are some of the most unutilized spaces in any room. If you want to keep things together in your own room, they can be an excellent space to set up a small home office. The best thing about corners is that you can access two walls. 

You can decorate one side with motivational quotes and other items and use a whiteboard sticker on the other. They can be a great help if you want to illustrate something quickly during a video call or presentation. You can also create a schedule, make important notes, and create a to-do list for yourself. Whiteboard stickers are versatile and have numerous benefits. 

3 – The Attic

Perhaps the best place for your home office is the attic. It’s solitary, has enough space, and can be decorated without causing any disturbance in the home. If you have an attic, it’s probably being used as a storeroom of sorts. Shift all that into the garage and make a perfect workstation.

For most office spaces, white background is the most recommended color option because it is soft, natural, and does not distract you. While painting is a great option, you can go the extra mile and use whiteboard stickers instead. They are removable, easy to use, and have served a functional purpose as well. 

As their name suggests, whiteboard stickers can turn any surface into a working whiteboard. Just take out your marker and start writing. Once you’re done, clean it and you’ll have a shiny white wall again. 


Whether you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, or a student, you need an outlet to make notes, note deadlines or illustrate concepts in your workstation. Removable whiteboard stickers by Davik are an excellent example of home office design ideas because they are easy to clean, don’t need any special equipment, and can be removed without damaging the wall. 

Davik is a popular name in the adhesives industry and has a long history of delivering innovative products to its customers. It’s premium whiteboard stickers – UNDO – are now available on Amazon and can be delivered all around the world. 


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