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Whiteboards are an essential part of the classrooms and many office environments. They are a perfect tool for teachers to transfer knowledge, or for coworkers to share different ideas and collaborate. Children also use them to have fun and create different drawings to stimulate their creative sides. The uses of a whiteboard are only limited by your imagination.

While whiteboards are awesome, they have some issues as well. They are permanent structures, have limited lifespans, and are costly to replace. 

That’s where removable whiteboard stickers come in. 

5 reasons why removable whiteboard wall stickers are better than regular whiteboards

A whiteboard sticker is a perfect replacement that eliminates all the issues traditional whiteboards have. They can stick to any surface and allow you to write, present, or doodle without leaving any permanent mark. Generally, removable whiteboard stickers have received a positive response from the market. There are multiple reasons behind that, but the following five are the most important. 

1 – Whiteboard stickers are more portable

Imagine wheeling in a whiteboard stand to every meeting you go to. Sounds impractical, right? 

Removable whiteboards stickers, however, are a perfect choice if you want to set up a quick surface to enhance your presentations. Before the application, the sticker can be rolled and carried around without needing any stand or additional equipment.  

2 – They are more cost-effective

Traditional whiteboards are more expensive to set up and maintain. Their high original cost aside, even installing them would require you to prepare the wall and frame it. Even then, the whiteboard will need to be replaced after some time. Removable whiteboard stickers deliver the same performance at a fraction of a cost. You won’t need any significant investment to buy them, and you can stick them on any surface. 

3 – Setting up a whiteboard sticker requires less time

Building on the last point, whiteboard stickers also require almost no time for installation. Just select a suitable surface and stick the removable whiteboard to get started. The whole process will only take a minute. 

4 – Removable whiteboards are more convenient

Naturally, the ability to take a working whiteboard anywhere you go would be more convenient. The removable peel and stick whiteboards do not need any tools or time for assembly. Simply clean the surface to remove and dust particles and you’re good to go.

Davik enhances the overall convenience of users with a variety of distinguishing features. UNDO by Davik comes with the company’s proprietary no-stain technology which makes it extremely easy to clean the whiteboard after use. The removable whiteboard also comes with a free slide cutter, so you can choose the size you need, and boxed packaging for convenient handling and use. 

5 – They deliver unmatched versatility to the users

Removable whiteboard stickers are a perfect solution for any environment. From classrooms to conference tables, and offices, these stickers make sharing ideas and collaborating more fun for everyone. Davik has developed a versatile adhesive formula that works perfectly on all surfaces (except lime paint) and remains attached as long as you need. 

Wait! Would a whiteboard sticker damage my wall?

That’s the best part. Davik has developed a unique adhesive glue that never leaves any residue and doesn’t damage the surface. No matter how long the removable whiteboard was attached to the surface, you’ll be able to remove it easily and your wall/glass would be as good as new.

UNDO is a premium removable whiteboard backed by Davik’s decades-long expertise in the adhesive market. It is a perfect solution for any situation and can cater to the requirements of schools, offices, daycares, gyms, restaurants, and other environments. The PVC-free removable whiteboard guarantees high performance and strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with its quality. UNDO by Davik is now available on Amazon, so you get the premium removable whiteboard at your doorsteps all over the world.   


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