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The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has shaken the world to its core. With each passing day, kids, teachers, and other professionals are struggling to work from home effectively. In this situation, removable whiteboard sticker is an innovative and convenient solution to help parents pass the time with the kids and assist students and professionals with their presentation and brainstorming needs.

What are removable whiteboard stickers? 

Just like its name, a removable whiteboard sticker is an adhesive sheet capable of sticking to various flat surfaces. Be it a table or a wall, you can apply the sheet to any surface without using any tape, glue, or other things. 

Similar to a regular whiteboard, you can use dry-erase markers to write, draw, or doodle on the sheet and easily erase it without any leftover marks. You can also remove whiteboard stickers effortlessly from the applied surface. The design ensures that no glue residue is left behind, irrespective of how long it was used. The versatility of this product makes it an ideal tool for homeschooling and so much more. 



What are the benefits of using removable whiteboard stickers?

Removable whiteboard stickers have several advantages over traditional boards.

1 – Easy to use 

The most prominent advantage of using removable whiteboard stickers is its’ convenience. There’s no complicated process for applying the sheet on the desired surface. All you need to do is to peel the release-liner and stick it to the desired area. You can also cut the sheet to your preferred size in case of limited space. Cutting the sheet to the desired size is a straightforward process. The roll comes included with a built-in safe slide cutter that can complete the job in a few minutes. After use, you can simply remove the sticker as if it was never there. 

2 – Improve your presentations

Whiteboard stickers are an economical way of drastically making your presentations more lively and memorable. Whether you’re presenting in a video conference at home or teaching your students online, you can use this sticker to write, draw, and sketch to get your point across more effectively. Furthermore, the sticker is the perfect tool to brainstorm and collaborate with your colleagues in an office setting if conference rooms or regular whiteboards are not available. 

3 – Engage Kids

Children are arguably the most affected by Covid-19. Not being able to go to school, meet their friends is no doubt detrimentally affecting their mental state. Hence, they need a creative outlet for their frustrations and need inventive ways to motivate them to study. Whiteboard stickers are just what they need. Be it for online classes or just for fun, whiteboard stickers are an inexpensive way to keep them engaged and interested.

Even in regular times, parents often complain about their children doodling on furniture, walls, and even important documents. Removable whiteboards can give them an area to draw out to their heart’s content and save you from a lot of frustration.  

4 – Cost-effective

A removable whiteboard sticker can not only perform every job that a traditional whiteboard can, but it also adds a feature of increased flexibility and versatility that is missing in the latter. Not only that, the sheet is far cheaper than traditional whiteboards. You can also roll it up easily and safely store it in a small space. The prolonged life of the product and the convenience it offers makes it worth every dollar.

5 – Multi-purpose

Removable whiteboard stickers can be used everywhere. From the already discussed examples of offices and educational institutes to applying them on the fridge for a to-do-list, the uses of whiteboard stickers are only limited by your imagination!

Undo whiteboard sticker can be adjusted for any needed size for your specific purpose. It comes in a roll with a convenient cutter and you can use only the needed part every time.


If you are looking for an excellent choice for a removable whiteboard sticker, you can never go wrong with UNDO by Davik – a premium whiteboard sticker for your every need. Davik has been in the market for almost four decades and uses that experience to create the most convenient and functional product for your applications.

Undo removable whiteboard stickers guarantee the perfect medium for a creative brainstorming session or a presentation. Be it for students taking online classes or for employees working at home, Undo is an ideal choice to make the subject engaging and dynamic.


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