Pests in Greenhouses

Pest management has been a major challenge for as long as there has been agriculture. For greenhouses, in particular, growers find themselves dealing with a variety of different pest species. Flying insects are some of the most significant threats, with infestations being difficult to prevent and even more challenging to manage.

Species like tobacco whiteflies, thrips, and cicadas are among the most specific threats to cultivation greenhouses. They spread rapidly and can damage entire crops very quickly following initial identification. Almost any type of plant is at risk, including tomatoes, lettuce, ornamental flowers, herbs, cannabis, and hydroponic farming.

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Conventional Pest Solutions Often Fail to Deliver

There are many potential solutions for dealing with these pests, most of which deliver subpar results or have excessive downsides. Sprays are one of the first options that most greenhouse operators look to when trying to handle flying insects. However, most sprays will fail to capture the entire lifecycle of the insect. It might kill the eggs, larvae, or adult insects, but not likely all three. Whichever group remains can simply start the cycle over again.

Not only are sprays often ineffective, but they have significant downsides as well. Chances are you won’t be able to claim that your produce is organic if you use most sprays. Not only will you not be able to advertise them as organic, but some pesticides do have negative effects for your end customers, reducing the quality of the produce. Finally, spraying is expensive, especially when you’ll have to do it multiple times to truly address the problem.

Catchy Yellow Case Study Shows Fantastic Pest Control Results

Catchy Yellow is the latest innovation from Davik. This solution uses a revolutionary dry adhesive to provide the best glue traps for flying insects in greenhouses and other indoor cultivation operations. In fact, Davik has carried out a real-life case study to demonstrate just how effective Catchy Yellow can be.

The long Catchy Yellow glue trap sheets were installed in an organic tomato greenhouse in Moshav Beit Yitzhak in Israel for the length of the growing season, just how they would be installed in any greenhouse. Another greenhouse didn’t have Catchy Yellow but used traditional spraying instead and was monitored as well for comparison.

The case study results were truly astounding, demonstrating a massive decrease in all types of flying insects throughout the growing season with Catchy Yellow. During the first few months of the growing season, flying insect numbers were low for both the Catchy Yellow and control greenhouse, as would be expected. Even in this early stage, the Catchy Yellow greenhouse had just half as many flying insects as the greenhouse that used sprays instead.

The real difference came later on in the season when the population of flying insects generally increased dramatically. While the control greenhouse underwent a practically exponential increase from week to week, the Catchy Yellow greenhouse showed only incremental increases during the height of the flying insect season.

By the end of the season, the number of tobacco whiteflies, thrips, cicadas, and total flying insects found in the Catchy Yellow greenhouse ranged between one-third to one-half of those found in the spraying greenhouse. It’s clear that Catchy Yellow has the right stuff for any indoor cultivation operation, all without affecting the quality of the crops grown there.

Pests in Greenhouses

Catchy Yellow by Davik

Catchy Yellow is a versatile flying pest control option for indoor growing operations. The large yellow glue sheets use a clean and dry adhesive. Set up is easy, and sheets are effective for at least six months after installation. Catchy Yellow could be just what you need to put an end to flying pests in your greenhouse for good.


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