CATCHY, Davik’s latest product, is the first product in a new range of adhesive solutions for farmers and indoor growers around the world. Sticky glue traps have been used by farmers and pest scouts for many years in order to both detect agricultural insect pest presence and to monitor the pest population dynamics of these pests both in the field and greenhouse.

Davik has developed a unique, long lasting, dry adhesive which captures flying insect pests. This adhesive is applied to various coloured roller sheets which are hung in indoor farming situations – protected cultivation greenhouses, insect proof net houses, indoor vertical leafy green growing structures, indoor cannabis growing operations, and more. The key condition is that external insect pest populations cannot directly access the crops growing inside.

The unique adhesive Davik has developed has been tested in the harsh environment of the Judean Desert – cold night temperatures, hot summer days and very dusty conditions. Indoors and in greenhouses it retains its adhesiveness for up to six months.



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