Davik’s carry handle can be applied either automatically or manually

Automatic application

We developed carry handle to work with all automated application machines existing on the market. We strongly believe that each company has its own strength. We know how to make tapes and therefore we are not selling machinery. We can recommend you a few machinery manufacturers basing on our long experience. Working closely with machinery manufacturers and customers, Davik has developed solutions to accommodate your line speeds and packaging needs.

Carry handle tape is applied via a semi or fully automatic carry handle applicator which is integrated in the production line (end-of-line). Our tapes have proven to run smoothly on every type of applicator machine.

Choosing an applicator for your (new) production line depends upon different aspects, on which you can find out more in this Article.

Here are some packaging line manufacturers who integrate in their lines handle applicators. 


KHS, KRONES, SIDEL & OCME are main integrators of handle applicators in their packaging line. If you need help, advice or recommendation with regards to machinery to be used, please contact us!

Detachable Carry Handles

The Detachable Carry Handle is a unique development from Davik’s R&D department. Each carry handle has an easy-to-tear point mark that allows fast release of a handle, so the user can separate each handle and then manually apply it to the pack. This saves significantly time and money since there is no need for a dispenser or additional tools, or specialized work areas.

This product is especially well suited for store where big packs are sold and for specialized retail stores (toys, electronics, pet food, and many more). It can also be used during product processing to manually move products inside the factory.

The detachable handles can be with printed or white paper laminate.

Available in a wide range of widths and lengths, and different sizes of paper laminate. Can be customized according to the customers’ needs and requirements.

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