The handle laminated part is the area with no adhesive – the area that the customer is grabbing to lift a pack. Davik produces pre-laminated spools with several lamination options:

  1. Paper – either printed or not
  2. Craft
  3. PE – transparent, white or printed
  4. PE foam
  5. Soft fabric
  6. Foam

Each of those lamination types has its own advantages. We provide our customers with different options and each may decide which lamination type fits the designated product the best.

The pre-laminated spools can be received in almost any size with high flexibility of the handle length and suitable for any machinery.

The pre-laminated spools can be received with different adhesive formulas.

Davik’s carry handle has been developed to work with all automatic machines. Working closely with machinery manufacturers and customers during the years, Davik has developed solutions to meet all packing speeds.

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