adhesive carry handles

The carry handle is an ultimate packaging solution when it comes to promotional packaging, plastic reduction, and ensuring consumer convenience. 

Davik understands that you might have a list of questions regarding the material, type, technical specification and other several aspects of the carry handle. We are ready to assist you at every step of the way and have gathered 10 of the most common questions we see regarding Davik’s carry handle

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Davik’s carry handle FAQ

1 – Does Davik have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the carry handle?

Yes. The minimum order quantity depends on the product type. It generally varies from ten-thousands to hundred-thousands depending on the graphics involved, the material required, automatic or detachable rolls and any other special characteristics you might need. 

2 – What is the maximum weight an adhesive carry handle can sustain?

The basic weight carrying capacity of the carry handle is a maximum of 20 kg. However, the material it is adhered to, the adhesive used, the composition of the carry handle, and some other factors can slightly reduce it. 

3 – I need the technical datasheet. Can Davik send it to me?

Yes. You can find the technical data sheet of the regular carry handle here. For any specialized product, please contact us for more information. 

4 – What are the factors that influence the overall cost of the carry handle tape?

Davik ensures not only competitive pricing, but also premium quality for all our products.. The overall cost of integrating the carry handle in your product depends on the following factors. 

  • The film material choice
  • Lamination type and its dimension (length and width)
  • total handle dimensions (length and width)
  • Graphics requirements (logo, tagline, marketing message, or anything on the handle)
  • Order volume

adhesive carry handles

5 – How many colors can be used?

You can personalize your carry handle, mention your brand or marketing message and use up to 4 colors.  

6 – How many rolls can fit on a pallet?

The carry handle is available in spools for automatic applicators and a pallet can have up to 45 rolls. 

Detachable handles for manual application are sold in small rolls and can be delivered in a few cartons upon request.

7 – What are the advantages of using a carry handle?

The carry handle brings plenty of benefits for your brand because of its unique design and sustainable outlook. Here are the most important advantages of making the carry handle a part of your package. 

  • Handling convenience for your consumers
  • Ability to create multi-packs and bundles for FMCG and other products
  • Easy to integrate in your production line
  • Reduced reliance on plastics to help your brand achieve its sustainability goals
  • Ability to create promotional packaging and stand out from competing brands
  • Helps you engage new customers through marketing and promotions
  • Potential of enhancing your sales without any exuberant costs  

8 – How common is the usage of adhesive carry handles?

Today, the carry handle is an integral part of several product lines. In the food and beverage industry, you can find them on six-packs, soft drink and mineral water cartons, milk jugs, juices, creams, cereals, and several other similar products. The hygiene industry has also started using the carry handle on its big toilet paper packs. kitchen rolls, and handkerchiefs.

Apart from the FMCG domain, multiple retail entities and other industries also rely on the carry handle because of its versatility and performance. For instance, carry handles are quite commonly used in the packs for construction materials as they make bulky and irregular shaped objects easy to carry.

9 – Does Davik offer any green solutions for sustainable brands?

Yes, absolutely. Davik is an industry frontrunner when it comes to implementing sustainability through its products and processes. For the carry handles, we offer a plastic-free carry handle made from paper and is perfect to apply on carton or paper-wrapped packs, called GreenCarry. We also have options of PE carry handle, that can be recycled together with PE shrink and recycled PET product. You choose! or we may recommend the perfect solution for your branded pack.

10 – I can’t find what I need in Davik’s product list. What should I do?

Davik has a state-of-the-art R&D department and an experienced team that can develop a customized solution to address your specific needs. Our team has worked with numerous industrial leaders and are always ready to take on a new challenge. Feel free to contact a Davik expert today to get started. 

Carry handle FAQ: Final thoughts

As the originator of the carry handle tape, Davik understands the requirements and expectations of its customers. Our experienced team knows how important packaging is for an ideal interaction with your consumers and has a foolproof set of practices to ensure excellence. 

The aforementioned questions are some of the most common inquiries we receive. If you have any other questions, fill out the contact form and a Davik team member will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Pests in Greenhouses

Pest management has been a major challenge for as long as there has been agriculture. For greenhouses, in particular, growers find themselves dealing with a variety of different pest species. Flying insects are some of the most significant threats, with infestations being difficult to prevent and even more challenging to manage.

Species like tobacco whiteflies, thrips, and cicadas are among the most specific threats to cultivation greenhouses. They spread rapidly and can damage entire crops very quickly following initial identification. Almost any type of plant is at risk, including tomatoes, lettuce, ornamental flowers, herbs, cannabis, and hydroponic farming.

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Conventional Pest Solutions Often Fail to Deliver

There are many potential solutions for dealing with these pests, most of which deliver subpar results or have excessive downsides. Sprays are one of the first options that most greenhouse operators look to when trying to handle flying insects. However, most sprays will fail to capture the entire lifecycle of the insect. It might kill the eggs, larvae, or adult insects, but not likely all three. Whichever group remains can simply start the cycle over again.

Not only are sprays often ineffective, but they have significant downsides as well. Chances are you won’t be able to claim that your produce is organic if you use most sprays. Not only will you not be able to advertise them as organic, but some pesticides do have negative effects for your end customers, reducing the quality of the produce. Finally, spraying is expensive, especially when you’ll have to do it multiple times to truly address the problem.

Catchy Yellow Case Study Shows Fantastic Pest Control Results

Catchy Yellow is the latest innovation from Davik. This solution uses a revolutionary dry adhesive to provide the best glue traps for flying insects in greenhouses and other indoor cultivation operations. In fact, Davik has carried out a real-life case study to demonstrate just how effective Catchy Yellow can be.

The long Catchy Yellow glue trap sheets were installed in an organic tomato greenhouse in Moshav Beit Yitzhak in Israel for the length of the growing season, just how they would be installed in any greenhouse. Another greenhouse didn’t have Catchy Yellow but used traditional spraying instead and was monitored as well for comparison.

The case study results were truly astounding, demonstrating a massive decrease in all types of flying insects throughout the growing season with Catchy Yellow. During the first few months of the growing season, flying insect numbers were low for both the Catchy Yellow and control greenhouse, as would be expected. Even in this early stage, the Catchy Yellow greenhouse had just half as many flying insects as the greenhouse that used sprays instead.

The real difference came later on in the season when the population of flying insects generally increased dramatically. While the control greenhouse underwent a practically exponential increase from week to week, the Catchy Yellow greenhouse showed only incremental increases during the height of the flying insect season.

By the end of the season, the number of tobacco whiteflies, thrips, cicadas, and total flying insects found in the Catchy Yellow greenhouse ranged between one-third to one-half of those found in the spraying greenhouse. It’s clear that Catchy Yellow has the right stuff for any indoor cultivation operation, all without affecting the quality of the crops grown there.

Pests in Greenhouses

Catchy Yellow by Davik

Catchy Yellow is a versatile flying pest control option for indoor growing operations. The large yellow glue sheets use a clean and dry adhesive. Set up is easy, and sheets are effective for at least six months after installation. Catchy Yellow could be just what you need to put an end to flying pests in your greenhouse for good.

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types of tape adhesive

Here are a few adhesive tape types and processes you should know about to make the right choices:

From agriculture to packaging, and consumer items, adhesive solutions have a key role to play in many industries because of their functionality and convenience. For effective decision-making regarding the solution you should choose, it’s essential to understand the basics of what is being offered in the market. 

As a responsible supplier of adhesive solutions, Davik continues to guide its customers and support them by helping them understand the available solutions. This is the second article of our series on key characteristics and terminologies of the adhesive packaging that you should know about before proceeding with the process.


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7 must-know terminologies related to types of tape adhesive and related solutions

Effective decision-making requires further understanding of the common terms the adhesive industry uses. We believe that the following 7 are among the most important terminologies you must be aware of.   

1 – Shear resistance

In the engineering domain, shear strength/resistance is the ability to resist deformation parallel to the surface. It’s the same for all types of tape adhesives as well. The shear resistance of tapes deals with the amount of force required to pull a tape parallel to the surface it’s fixed to. 

2 – Adhesion

In the simplest terms, it’s the strength of the bond your tape and adhesive solution delivers. In many cases, the adhesion depends on multiple external factors like the heat, surface, and type of tape. The adhesion strength differs, of course, in different formulations of adhesives. Davik, for example, has developed both low tack and strong bond adhesives for various applications.

3 – Elongation

Elasticity and elongation are engineering characteristics that show the strength limit of any tape. The test checks how far your solution will be able to stretch before breaking.

types of tape adhesive

4 – Tack

The ability of the tape to stick quickly. Naturally, tapes with quicker operations are better because you won’t have to wait for a long time. Generally, high tack tapes are for universal situations while the others are for some specialized applications or surfaces.   

5 – Peel adhesion

Most tapes we commonly deal with are pressure-sensitive. This means that they don’t need any additional water or anything else for the process. The peel adhesion strength is the force you’ll need to remove an applied tape from a surface.

6 – Natural rubber versus synthetic rubber (hotmelt)

Natural rubber is produced naturally from the native Brazilian plant Hevea brasiliensis. Synthetic rubber is artificially produced from a variety of polymers which provides the rubber its properties. Is synthetic rubber better than natural rubber?

In general, synthetic rubber offers better resistance to abrasion than natural rubber, as well as superior resistance to chemicals, fluids, ozone, electrical heat and the effects of aging.

7 – Solvent

In chemistry terms, a solvent is any substance that can dissolve another one. The packaging industry relies on solvents for many of its essential tapes and other compounds. Davik tries to avoid using solvents thinking about the environment. This is why the Davik acrylic plant is based on water technology instead of solvent.

Davik: The perfect adhesive partner for you

Adhesive solutions have now become a norm in many industries. While making a decision regarding the type of adhesive you should choose, it’s best to make an informed choice by knowing about the basic processes and terminologies of the industry. Types of tape adhesive, adhesion capability, mechanical properties, and other important characteristics determine the application and suitability of any solution you use. 

As a global player in the adhesive solutions market, Davik has a unique and streamlined system in place that helps you get the best solutions in the shortest time. From types of tape adhesives to helping your business become greener, Davik’s team of experts can help you throughout the process and assist in turning your vision into reality. 

Start experiencing the best from today. Contact Davik now. 

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Adhesive Tapes types

Here are a few adhesive tape types and processes you should know about to make the right choices:

Tapes and other adhesive solutions have an integral role in several industrial sectors. 

Packaging, for instance, relies on adhesive solutions ranging from simply holding the carton together to replacing plastic bags and allowing end-users to retain freshness through resealing. Similarly, other industrial sectors like food, consumables, decoration, agriculture and many more also rely on adhesive solutions for both smooth operations and customer convenience.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect adhesive solution for your industrial application, it’s important to understand the basics of tapes and adhesives. This text takes a look at the different types of tapes and processes you’ll find in the packaging sector. 

Many of the mentioned solutions are part of Davik’s diverse portfolio and can act as a perfect fit for you. 

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7 most common production processes and adhesive tape types you’ll come across

Having a basic understanding of the technicalities and adhesive tape types is essential if you want to make effective decisions and understand the terms while talking to the adhesive tape industry professional. At the first stage, we believe the following 7 terms are the most important for you. 



Adhesive Tapes types

1 – PSA

PSA is an abbreviation for pressure-sensitive adhesives. Any regular tape that you come across uses a form of PSA as it doesn’t require any heat, solvent, or water to operate. Simply put the tape on a surface, apply some pressure, and you’ll be good to go.

PSA tapes are generally based on rubber, acrylic, or silicone. All these options have their set of strengths and weaknesses which makes them suitable for different types of applications. If you are thinking of using PSA tapes for your applications, your adhesive partner will guide you regarding the best option for your specific application.

2 – Jumbo rolls/Parent roll

As their names suggest, these tape rolls are made for large-scale production machines and have large diameters. Generally, tape manufacturers deliver high-volume orders to their customers in this form who then convert them into smaller rolls we see. 

4 – Release liners

Release liners are simple thin sheets of either paper or other film lining materials to protect the adhesive coatings on the tape. Adhesive solutions generally collect dust and other micro-particles from the air if exposed for too long. This prevents your tape from properly sticking to the target surface. Release liners prevent that from happening by protecting the adhesive solutions from any exposure. 

5 – Double coated/sided tapes

Just like their name suggests, double-sided tapes are a unique adhesive tape type that can stick from both sides. They are generally used to join two surfaces together. In some cases, the same type of adhesive is used on both sides and sometimes it differs. In most cases, different adhesives are used on the two sides only for situations where you are joining two very dissimilar surfaces. 

6 – Finger lift tapes

Just like the name implies – finger-lift tape comes with a non-adhesive end for easier peeling. Usually, finger lift tapes come with a resealable feature as well. Some of the common applications of finger lift tapes are in the hygiene industry for reclosing handkerchief packs and in the tobacco industry for small tobacco packs to reclose them safely and preserve freshness. 

External packaging is often the first point of contact between the customer and a product. So, you must ensure that the packaging is attractive and convenient for the users. With the right finger-lift tape, you can use it on your packaging to help your customers retain the freshness of the items inside and further enhance their experience. 

As opposed to labels, resealable finger-lift tape is much more efficient in the production line and reduces material usage, thus much more profitable for the brand.

Davik’s resealable finger-lift tape has also ISO22000 approval, so it can be freely used in food packs.

7 – Tape thickness

Refers to the overall thickness of a single layer of any tape. It takes into account the thickness of the film together with the thickness of the adhesive that covers the tape. This figure can usually be found on the technical datasheet of the tape.

Davik: your perfect partner for any adhesive solution on a roll

Davik, being a premium adhesive solution provider on a global scale, is committed to helping its customers understand their needs better and make informed decisions. From the classic adhesive tape products to new sustainable solutions, promotional packaging materials, various unique industrial solutions – Davik has done it all and can help you too. 

The expert team at Davik has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to help bring your vision to life in the most efficient way possible. 

Contact Davik today to get started.  


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Sustainable packaging

The latest trend in most industries across the world is to place the utmost importance on providing goods and services through sustainable manufacturing. Be it product creation, product transport, or product packaging, the need for sustainable solutions has changed the way companies approach these processes. 

Single-use plastic has placed a heavy burden on the environment. The question of the safe disposal of existing packaging materials cannot be solved so easily and so quickly. It’s why several companies are now looking to find a sustainable packaging solution they can easily implement.  

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Green processes from start to finish

Customers across the world are demanding more and more accountability from businesses when it comes to their carbon footprint. This means ensuring a push towards green practices from the acquisition of raw materials to the finished product. Reputable businesses have to ensure that they partner with other businesses where sustainability is a major concern. This is why Davik is the perfect partner for you. 

The solutions offered by Davik are manufactured through the usage of environmentally friendly processes. Davik has transformed its manufacturing process to the point that the company has practically zero-carbon footprint during production. One way that Davik has achieved this milestone is through utilizing solar power for all operations.


Sustainable packaging

The need for sustainable products

Sustainable processes weren’t a focal point for companies even a decade ago. However, with more conscious customers and increasing rules and regulations based on environmental concerns, it has become a major focus for many organizations. 

 Water-based adhesives reduce the overall environmental impact of the solvents, and also their usage improves the health and safety standards throughout the product’s lifecycle. This is why Davik’s newest plant uses the technology of acrylic water-based adhesives and many of our newly developed products are produced on this site.

Davik: Your Green Partner 

During the last years, Davik became the go-to partner for many organizations because of its commitment to sustainability. At Davik, a pivotal focus is placed on transforming an abstract concept of sustainable development into a tangible reality for green organizations across the world. Davik does that through the development of new products, acting in two categories:

  • Products that reduce the usage of plastic used for the final consumer packaged product
  • Production of some new products by acrylic water-based technology and this way – introducing the world with healthier products for people and for the environment.

Davik is committed to working on sustainable development and is resolved to fulfill its corporate responsibility towards the environment, its customers, and society as a whole. By focusing on developing new innovative products and creating better and greener alternatives, Davik has continued to push the envelope of sustainable practices. 

The following are some of Davik’s newly developed sustainable solutions. 

  • GreenCarry handles: Davik, who developed the classic carry handle more than 20 years ago, has created a 100% plastic-free alternative. GreenCarry handle is a paper-based packaging solution that delivers the same kind of performance as a regular carry handle tape. The solution can easily be implemented in your existing setup of automatic applicators and can even be customized as per your needs. 
  • Catchy: By now it’s clear that pesticides are a double-edged sword. Sure, they get rid of insects and pests, but not only are the chemicals harmful to the environment but they cause adverse health effects to consumers as well. It’s why Davik’s Catchy has become a game-changer for greenhouse farming. This thick sheet of adhesive can easily be installed on your farm and can drastically reduce the use of harmful chemicals. 
  • Xerobon: The latest bonding solution by Davik that offers the same performance with practically zero carbon footprint and Zero VOC emission. Xerobon is the revolutionary green alternative replacing seams and rubber strips in textile production. This UV-resistant bonding solution provides incredible bonding strength with no compromise on flexibility and comfort. Xerobon is also designed to withstand high temperatures, has excellent washing stability, and is stretchable. 

Key Takeaway

Davik has been at the forefront of sustainable development. Through innovating sustainable packaging materials while also practicing green production, Davik has managed to become a brilliant case study of successful sustainable manufacturing. It offers several unique products that can significantly contribute to transforming its partner’s operations.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, experience, and research, Davik can help deliver an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution that fits all your requirements. Get a front seat to the sustainable future that Davik is building. 


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advanced adhesive solutions

From agriculture to the retail sector, advanced adhesive solutions have a role to play in all industries. Today, many businesses rely on adhesives to enhance their consumer experience or reduce their environmental footprint. If you are looking for a reliable adhesive partner for your business then there is no better choice than Davik.

Not only can Davik address your needs through a plethora of various products, but it also offers customizable solutions that are uniquely designed to address your needs. Davik’s a premium adhesive solution provider which is recognized globally for its innovation, in-house R&D, and unparalleled expertise.

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What makes Davik different? 

For any business, selecting a primary supplier of adhesive solutions is a crucial step with far-reaching effects. You don’t want a complacent and reactive supplier who offers you solutions only after they become the industrial norm. 

Since its inception, Davik has been focused on doing things differently and solving your problems through focusing on R&D. Strong R&D has been a backbone of Davik as it has allowed the business to innovate and produce remarkable results. 

Davik was one of the first suppliers to introduce the carry handle tapes globally more than 20 years ago, which are commonly used now for packaging items in various industries, and for the last year Davik is the first to come with sustainable carry handle solutions, like paper-based option Similarly, Davik’s R&D department has been able to deliver unparalleled services and advanced adhesive solutions because of its expertise and decades of experience, for various industries and for various usages.

Guy Wind, Davik’s R&D Director, perfectly explains how R&D helps Davik’s customers find the best solutions: 

“If you need an adhesion solution related to adhesive tape, we are what you are looking for. Our development team is experienced in unique solutions for customers and bringing an original product that will meet their requirements.”

advanced adhesive solutions

The 6 steps to success: How Davik’s R&D team finds the best solutions

Davik’s intuitive operations are deeply connected to its tradition of offering a customer-centric approach. By utilizing their in-house R&D team, Davik can craft several new and unique adhesive solutions for their customers that are effective, economical, and sustainable. 

Davik R&D process strictly follows 6 simple but essential steps to create a customizable solution for you. 

1 – Recognizing what the customer needs

By focusing on your demands only, Davik can either minimize or eliminate the usual risks associated with advanced adhesive solutions. Customer demand is dissected to determine what exactly they need, what is the application, how and why the product is intended to be used, special requirements for tape performance and more.

2 – Exploring the possible solutions

Davik’s R&D setup is one of the main factors behind its success. The in-house team consists of several experts from different fields. This includes chemists, engineers and product developers who analyze what you need and determine the most appropriate solutions.

3 – Evaluating the options

Each possible option is evaluated through multiple tests to ensure that it meets your expectations. This reliability and continuous quality checks have allowed Davik to guarantee customer satisfaction and maintain its competitive edge since the beginning. 

4 – Running the sample

Davik believes that without incorporating how a developed product reacts in real life, the solution offered is incomplete. It’s why the customer is given a sample to run in the practical situation to determine whether the product fits the established requirements.

5 – Receiving customer feedback

Davik maintains close contact with the customer throughout the deployment process. Your feedback is a fundamental part of our research process. Every feedback whether good or bad is received, analyzed, and evaluated.  

6 – Incorporating amendments 

If the received feedback contains possible flaws, performance issues, or blind spots identified in real life, it is evaluated. The solution undergoes extensive adjustments until the issue is addressed and resolved. 

Some famous advanced adhesive solutions Davik offers today

Davik continues to innovate and design new solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the most recent specialized solutions Davik has introduced after extensive research:

  • Catchy: A chemical-free pest-control system. It’s an effective choice for farmers selling organic produce and for minimizing the use of chemical products.
  • UNDO: A whiteboard sticker, which is perfect for usage anywhere. It is PVC free, convenient and safe for usage either at home or in office spaces.
  • Splicing Tape: An ideal solution for automated systems. The splicing tape can be detected by metal detectors and has been a gamechanger for plant operations of non-woven factories. 
  • Multipack bundle tape: The multi-pack bundle tape allows you to efficiently create promotional messages, discounts bundles, and other limited-time offers. There are several options for such tape for different applications.
  • Classic carry handle tape: Davik was the first to introduce carry handle tape in the industry. It is a unique and versatile product with numerous industrial applications and benefits. 
  • The green carry handle: The sustainable and 100% plastic-free version of the carry handle tape has the same capability to sustain weights. 

Davik: Your perfect adhesive partner

Davik is an ideal partner for any business needing advanced adhesive solutions for their application. The expert team at Davik has been in the industry for a long time and can assist you in fine-tuning your existing processes.

Start experiencing the perfect blend of knowhow and innovation spirit. Connect with a Davik expert today to get started!


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raw materials shortage

Increased demand, limited supplies, and disturbed supply chains have created a raw material shortage across many industries. If you don’t have a secondary carry handle supplier, it’s time to look for one. Doing so will ensure the continuous inflow of the necessary raw material you need for your packaging. 

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Why is there a raw materials shortage?

The pandemic last year had far-reaching effects on the global economy. Many sectors were affected globally and businesses were either forced to wind up operations or limit production to reduce their overall costs and survive the new reality. Slowly but surely, the world is now coming back to normal because of the ongoing vaccination drives and other precautions. 

China by far had the fastest economic recovery with most of its businesses back on track and production back to full capacity. The increased demand, coupled with lower raw material production in other countries has created a disparity and a raw material shortage in many industrial sectors. 

That’s not all! Global supply chain systems have also been disturbed by the pandemic with so many travel restrictions and regulations still being enforced to prevent any new wave. All these factors combined with inflation have created availability issues and increased the overall prices. In such a situation, it’s no longer wise for any business to depend solely on a single supplier.

raw materials shortage

The importance of consistency for consumer brands

All businesses, especially consumer brands need consistency and timely availability of the necessary materials due to the intense competition in the market. Your customers won’t wait for your supply at their nearest departmental store. Your product being unavailable when required will only benefit your competitors and getting that market share back would be a challenge.

For any manufacturing environment, decision-makers are responsible for ensuring a continuous and streamlined process under all circumstances. Even if we ignore the market competition, it still doesn’t make business sense. Any production environment comes with countless overheads and production as planned is integral to maintain the profit levels. 

The requirement to maintain consistency is one of the major reasons why businesses prepare contingency plans for all worst-case scenarios, such as a raw materials shortage. Most businesses rely on third-party vendors for raw material supplies, and it’s never smart to rely solely on a single supplier. Anything can go wrong. You must always have a reliable secondary partner to ensure consistent production. Davik can be that partner for your business. 

Davik: The perfect partner for all your packaging needs

Whether Davik is your primary carry handle supplier or a secondary one, you are always certain to receive the best quality material at the promised time. Davik has been part of the industry for more than three decades and with that experience comes the confidence to effectively deal with any production issues or supply chain disturbance. Davik is ready to deal with a raw material shortage or any other similar problems – now and in the future. 

The assurance of timely delivery is not the only thing Davik guarantees. Davik has a foolproof quality control system and has a history of always exceeding expectations with the overall quality and capabilities of its products. That’s not all, Davik has also been a global leader in the innovative packaging industry and was the first business to introduce the carry handle tape in the market. Today, the business continues to innovate its product line by adding multiple sustainable options that can reduce the environmental footprint of your brand.

Interested in learning how Davik can work with your brand to ensure consistent and timely supply of the carry handle and other packaging supplies? Connect with a Davik packaging expert today to get started. 



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beverage packaging

The food & beverage industry is among the hardest sectors to survive and thrive in. The market has immense potential, but so many players, intense competition, and the rising consumer expectations leave little to no room for any mistake. 

Your product might taste great, but that’s not the only thing that counts. You need to focus on several other elements if you want your product to succeed in the market. After the taste and price, the beverage packaging is the most important factor that can elevate your brand.  


Factors that affect packaging decisions for a beverage brand

For the beverage industry, there is no such thing as an ideal packaging material. Starting from the type of drink to its shelf life, everything plays an important role in determining the right packaging choice for your product. Some of the most important factors that may affect your packaging decisions are:

  • Download carry handle guideThe drink itself: The chemical composition of different beverages makes some packaging materials unsuitable. 
  • Shelf life: For drinks that need to be refrigerated over a long time, the packaging requirements will be very different from drinks that can remain on the regular aisle for a long time.
  • Transportation requirements: This is not well-known but your packaging choice depends on your distribution network and production location. Glass bottles for example are quite heavy. For longer distances, using plastic bottles would be more cost-effective and convenient. 
  • Consumer preferences: Sometimes you have to ignore the technical parameters and go for the things your consumers prefer. Glass bottles used for milk are a perfect example of this. 

beverage packaging

What do the consumers demand? 

Modern consumers have certain demands from their beverage of choice. A lot of things that were considered optional for brands are now a necessity. Davik has been part of the packaging industry for more than 3 decades and can help your business stay on top with the most innovative packaging solutions

Here are the 5 beverage packaging elements that modern consumers expect and how Davik can help you meet them. 

1 – Convenience

The most decisive factor that influences the packaging decision of your consumer is the overall convenience. Today, people will go for items that are simple to carry and store. This is especially the case with awkward and heavy products that can potentially drop. 

Davik was the first packaging company to come up with the idea of a carry handle tape. An ideal add-on that makes any package convenient for your consumers.    

2 – Aesthetics

In today’s market, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on the consumers. Many customer segments get attracted to certain colors or relate to a brand’s story. All of Davik’s packaging solutions like the carry handles and bundle tapes allow you to customize the design and add your authentic branding voice to the package. 

3 – Sustainability

Modern customers are looking to reduce their ecological footprint by limiting the use of plastic bags and opting for brands that adopt sustainable practices. Davik’s carry handle eliminates the need for plastic bags and offers 100% plastic-free options. 

4 – Simplicity

Modern consumers appreciate simplistic and ready-to-go packaging rather than something intricate. Some brands make the mistake of coming with something too unique and intricate to stand out from the crowd. This is a counter-intuitive approach as having a drink shouldn’t require you to solve a puzzle. 

5 – Bundles

No matter the industry, consumers love a bargain. They’ll respond positively to different combos, bundle offers, and other larger packs. Davik offers multiple options like its banderole tape and the carry handle to facilitate their packaging decisions. You can run special promotions on certain holidays, and special occasions without spending too much on your packaging. 

Key takeaways

Creating different bundles and packages for beverages is an extremely important process for any brand. Davik is the perfect packaging partner that has worked with several beverage brands globally and continues to introduce new and innovative solutions that are economical, sustainable, and convenient. To know more about how Davik can help you enhance your beverage packaging and keep your business on the top. 


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adhesive tape manufacturing process

Always wondered what the carry handle adhesive tape manufacturing process looks like? It’s a fascinating process that we’d like to share with you.

You can learn all about the key steps of the manufacturing process below in the infographic:

adhesive tape manufacturing process


Davik, located in Kibbutz Sde Boker, is one of the first companies that developed and produced carry handle tape and has been doing so for more than 20 years ago. We continue to place a strong emphasis on R&D and on creating sustainable solutions, that will serve our customers worldwide.

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The Carry Handle is a remarkable addition, as it’s not limited to any particular industry or application. Specially developed by the company’s R&D department – it has an adhesive formula that allows it to suit all the common packaging materials. It’s convenience and adaptability are major factors behind its popularity.


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home office design ideas

Even with Covid related restrictions lifting throughout the world and things starting to get normal, many professionals find working from home as the new norm. Some companies are adopting a hybrid work structure to give their employees a choice while some have completely shifted to a remote model. 

With working from home becoming a sort of permanent arrangement for the near future, it’s time for you to create a functional workspace in your home if you haven’t already created one. Staying in bed with your laptop might work as a temporary measure, but you need a clutter-free workspace to get everything sorted and maintain your productivity. here are a few home office design ideas.

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Primary requirements from a home-office

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll need your home office design ideas to have some characteristics that can stimulate creativity and help you focus on your tasks. It’s better to choose an area that is quiet and free from any disturbances. Natural light from the nearby window and a light breeze can also have a great effect on your motivation and performance. 

Some other characteristics you should strive to have in your workspace are: 

  • Comfort: The right furniture and place are extremely important for your productivity. Choose a good chair and keep your computer at an appropriate height for the best performance.  
  • Style and Aesthetic look: Remote working means that you’ll often have to communicate on video calls with clients, colleagues, and management. Add color to your workspace by having a bookshelf, a plant, or some art in the background. It will look impressive and also make you feel good about working.  
  • Practicality: Make sure that everything you need is within your arm’s reach. Standing up frequently to get important documents, files, stationery, or a printout can hinder your productivity and divide your focus.
  • Organization: Staying updated with different tasks and deadlines is harder when you are working from home. Removable whiteboard stickers can help you remember the most important things and stay on track. Simply write down the deadlines and make important notes to always stay on top of things.

home office design ideas

3 home office design ideas for small homes

Don’t have a free room to turn into an office? Don’t worry, you can create a great workplace even with very limited space. Let’s take a look at some unused areas that you can turn into a workstation.

1 – Under the Staircase

The area under the staircase is usually unused and can be a perfect workstation after some work. Depending on how much space you have, you can add a bookshelf and other elements in your home office as well. 

The area under the staircase is usually not too solitary, so you’ll be available for your family members for a quick chat or an update as well. You can also decorate things that are both aesthetic and functional. 

2 – An empty corner in your room

Just like under the staircases, corners are some of the most unutilized spaces in any room. If you want to keep things together in your own room, they can be an excellent space to set up a small home office. The best thing about corners is that you can access two walls. 

You can decorate one side with motivational quotes and other items and use a whiteboard sticker on the other. They can be a great help if you want to illustrate something quickly during a video call or presentation. You can also create a schedule, make important notes, and create a to-do list for yourself. Whiteboard stickers are versatile and have numerous benefits. 

3 – The Attic

Perhaps the best place for your home office is the attic. It’s solitary, has enough space, and can be decorated without causing any disturbance in the home. If you have an attic, it’s probably being used as a storeroom of sorts. Shift all that into the garage and make a perfect workstation.

For most office spaces, white background is the most recommended color option because it is soft, natural, and does not distract you. While painting is a great option, you can go the extra mile and use whiteboard stickers instead. They are removable, easy to use, and have served a functional purpose as well. 

As their name suggests, whiteboard stickers can turn any surface into a working whiteboard. Just take out your marker and start writing. Once you’re done, clean it and you’ll have a shiny white wall again. 


Whether you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, or a student, you need an outlet to make notes, note deadlines or illustrate concepts in your workstation. Removable whiteboard stickers by Davik are an excellent example of home office design ideas because they are easy to clean, don’t need any special equipment, and can be removed without damaging the wall. 

Davik is a popular name in the adhesives industry and has a long history of delivering innovative products to its customers. It’s premium whiteboard stickers – UNDO – are now available on Amazon and can be delivered all around the world. 



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