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Davik’s new Tamper Evident tape provides security sealing for boxes, plastic bags, cartons and packages, envelopes, or containers.

Once tampered or removed, the tape reveals a hidden message (such as OPEN or VOID) or other hidden graphics, per the customer’s request. One of the greatest advantages of Davik’s tape is the hidden message becomes visible not only if tampering has occurred, but in the event of a resealing attempt. The message can also be detected from a distance (for example, a high shelf in a storage area).

Additional options for increased security

  • Custom visible logo
  • Custom hidden message
  • Adjustable data printing (alphanumeric code at variable distances)
  • Custom color

Davik’s Tamper Evident tape makes it very difficult to hide a tampering attempt.

Selected Specifications

  • Carrier: PET
  • Total thickness: 55 µ
  • Standard width: 48 mm/1.9 in. (other widths available upon request)
  • Standard length: 50 m/164 ft (other lengths available upon request)
  • Color: red, blue (other colors available upon request)